Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not just a Southern Party after all

One thing that absolutely got my Irish up was the pundits in 08 talking about how the GOP is dead and buried everywhere outside of the South and parts of the West. While there's a lot I love about the South, I'm a Midwesterner, and we're not dead here yet. We're still alive and well, and many of our fellow Upper Midwesterners, Mid Atlantic residents, and  New Englanders are finding out how bad total democrat rule really is. The bottom line is that we aren't ruled by anybody.

I wrote about a possible comeback in the Northeast back in November.

Since the pundits crowed about our death, we took Virginia back, even winning democrat leaning Fairfax County, which is culturally not very Southern.On the same day, New Jersey flipped. So did Michigan's 19th State Senate district, a bellwether district. Pennsylvania republican judges won. Local races on Long Island and Hillary Clinton's newer home of Westchester County New York also went Republican. That was a start. Now I can say that there really is a comeback, with Massachusetts going Republican for Senate. The last time a Republican won a senate race in Massachusetts was before I was born. Ed Brooke's re-election campaign. 1972. Almost 38 years ago.

It's time for those who say that the GOP is only a southern party to sit down and shut up. This is a national party, and Scott Brown just confirmed it. That said, there's still a lot of work to do in 2010, starting with taking control of the governorships and state legislatures, as well as congress. Less government, More freedom.

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