Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RNC Litmus Test provision fails unanimously. Right decision.

I think this is was a rash decision that needed to fail. I don't like RINOs, but this isn't the way to stop the DeDe Scozzafavas, Arlen Specters, Lincoln Chafees, Joe Schwarzes, Jim Leaches, and Chuck Hagels who go out and back leftist democrats. There's a difference between RINOs and Liberal Republicans. RINOs are the names I mentioned. Olympia Snowe is NOT a RINO. She's a liberal republican. As bad as she can be on issues, she's not going out and campaigning for Jim Jones Obama.

From Hotline

Members of a committee of state party chairmen voted unanimously today to oppose a so-called "purity test" for GOP candidates, according to a source in the closed-press meeting.
The committee voted to stand against the resolution, offered by IN RNC member Jim Bopp, that would give the party chair the power to cut off funding from a candidate who did not meet at least 8 of 10 ideological benchmarks.

It sounds great, but it won't solve the problem. I'm not that pissed off at the RNC or even NRCC, which I don't like, for backing Scozzafava. That's their job. This isn't like the NRSC throwing their weight in primaries like they did for Lincoln Chafee and are doing right now against Marco Rubio against fiscal liberal Republican Charlie Crist.

The problem is that Scozzafava was picked by a one vote margin by a committee of county chairs in New York. They picked a candidate who was rejected by the voters IN HER DISTRICT. That was shown by her 5% vote and 3rd place polling behind both the democrat and by the conservative party's Doug Hoffman (who had his own troubles like not understanding local issues in the district).

That wasn't the DC establishment's fault, and while I'm not exactly a cheerleader for the RNC/NRCC/NRSC, blame needs to be put where it belongs, on the annointers. When there is no primary, the onus on the committee is to pick not your buddy, but the person that fits the district. Primaries normally do the job, and in 99% of all cases, that's what determines the candidate for the district. That's why we don't need litmus tests for funding. What we need is for RNC/NRSC/NRCC to let the district voters of the primary, determine the nominee, and those people are what need to be backed. It is OUR job to weed out the RINOs and to pick the best candidate for our districts. Scozzafava would not have survived a primary. Specter was going down, and isn't accepted by the people in either party now. Joe Sestak will kick his sorry ass if Pat Toomey won't. Joe Schwarz crashed and burned.

The last thing we need is for DC to make more decisions regarding our candidates, even in cases where it is well intended.

In other news, the state of the union speech is tonight. I'll catch the reader's digest version of it from Redstate or something. It's all crap anyway. Actions, not words.

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