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Update in McDonald v Chicago (and list of Congress members who support the Chicago gun ban)

I most recently posted the filings and background on December 9th.

If those who are following the 2nd and 14th Amendment case McDonald v. Chicago,  also known as the Chicago Gun Case, click on the December 9th link above for background information and comments on the pro-side filings.

Before and after that, go to for the primary sources and filings from all sides. It's a pro-2a website run by the attorneys for McDonald, but all the briefs are there.

Today, the anti-side's briefs are coming in. The NAACP and Brady groups officially aren't on "either" side, although their arguments favor Chicago, obviously with their long time anti 2nd Amendment stances.

The official anti's briefs are arriving today. Go to the Chicago Gun Case site linked above if you want to read them - or the pro-side.  They are.

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence - an offshoot of  CSGV, originally founded as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. They still support a ban. They oppose incorporation of the 2nd Amendment, and strongly attack the founders reason for the 2nd amendment's safeguard against tyranny (calling it insurrectionist), and misread Federalist 46. Let's get one thing straight. It is a safeguard and DEFENSE against tyranny. Not bad results of elections or bad decisions of politicians. Nobody, not even most of the "militia groups" argue for that. This read more like a political rant against a strawman hypothetical situation than a legal brief, and it is a rather incoherent argument.

ADL - Similar to EFSGV, although much better argument written (even though I 100% disagree with it). At least they gave a public policy argument and use four whackos as an example to back it up. It doesn't have much to do with the case, but they even admit that, and argue what they consider judicial restraint. I don't agree with the brief, but I can respect it as decent work and a valid argument for one's client. Disagreement doesn't mean crap work.

US Conference of Mayors - Generally a simple pro-gun control arguments. I find this headline interesting. "The Second Amendment protects a largely obsolete 18th Century right."

"Public Health Organizations" - Remember why I bashed smoking bans and the people behind them? They don't want to stop with smoking. According to these people, anything they think is harmful needs to be banned or strictly regulated. These people remind me of Dr. Cacto, the villain in the movie Demolition Man (with Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, Denis Leary, and Wesley Snipes). American Public Health Association is behind this one. They regurgitate the discredited Arthur Kellermann anti-gun case control study out of King County, Washington.

States of Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey through their Attorney Generals - Similar arguments to Chicago briefs.

Cities of Winnetka, Evanston, Skokie, and Illinois Municipal League.

Chicago Board of Education and the Joyce Foundation funded anti-gun groups (VPC, etc)

Cities of Baltimore, Columbus, Cleveland, Oakland, Richmond CA, Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Philadelphia, and Seattle, along with Crook, I mean Cook County Illinois.

Some prosecutors, including Kym Worthy in Wayne County, MI.

53 Congressmen and women support the Chicago Gun ban.

Gary Ackerman - D - New York 5th District (NY-05)
Tim Bishop - D - New York's 1st District (NY-01)
Robert Brady - D - Pennsylvania's 1st District (PA-01)
Lois Capps - D - California's 23rd District (CA-23)
Michael Capuano -  D - Massacusetts 8th District (MA-08)
Yvette Clarke - D - New York 11th District (NY-11)
William Lacy Clay - D - Missouri's 1st District (MO-01)
Gerald Connelly - D - Virginia 11th District (VA-11)
Joseph Crowley - D - New York 7th District (NY-07)
Elijah Cummings - D - Maryland 7th District (MD-07)
Danny Davis - D - Illinois 7th District (IL-07)
Diana DeGette - D - Colorado 1st District (CO-01)
Elliot Engle - D - New York 17th District (NY-17)
Sam Farr - D - California 17th District (CA-17)
Chaka Fattah - D - Pennsylvania 2nd District (PA-02)
Luis Gutierrez - D - Illinois 4th District (IL-04)
Miriam Hirono - D - Hawaii 2nd District (HI-02)
 Michael Honda - D - California 15th District (CA-15)
Steve Israel - D - New York 2nd District (NY-02)
Jesse Jackson Jr - D - Illinois 2nd District (IL-02)
Sheila Jackson Lee - D - Texas 18th District (TX-18)
Henry Johnson - D - Georgia 4th District (GA-04)
Patrick Kennedy - D - Rhode Island 1st District (RI-01)
Carolyn Kilpatrick - D - Michigan 13th District (MI-13)
James Langevin - D - Rhode Island 2nd District (RI-02)
John Larson - D - Connecticut 1st District (CT-01)
John Lewis - D - Georgia 5th District (GA-05)
Nita Lowey - D - New York 18th District (NY-18)
Carolyn McCarthy - D - New York 4th District (NY-04)

James McGovern - D - Massachusetts 3rd District (MA-03)
Carolyn Maloney - D - New York 14th District (NY-14)
Doris Matsui - D - California 5th District (CA-05)
Gregory Meeks - D - New York 6th District (NY-06)
George Miller - D - California 7th District (CA-07)
Gwen Moore - D - Wisconsin 4th District (WI-04)
James Moran - D - Virginia 8th District (VA-08)
Jerrold Nadler - D - New York 8th District (NY-08)
Grace Napolitano - D - California 38th District (CA-38)
Bill Pascrell - D - New Jersey 8th District (NJ-08)
Donald Payne - D - New Jersey 10th District (NJ-10)
David Price - D - North Carolina 4th District (NC-04)

Mike Quigley - D - Illinois 5th District (IL-05)
Charles Rangel - D - New York 15th District (NY-15)
Steve Rothman - D - New Jersey 9th District (NJ-09)
Lucille Roybal Allard - D - California 34th District (CA-34)
Bobby Rush - D - Illinois 1st District (IL-01)
Linda Sanchez - D - California 39th District (CA-39)
Janice Schakowsky - D - Illinois 9th District (IL-09)
Jose Serrano - D - New York 16th District (NY-16)
Louise McIntosh Slaughter - D - New York 28th District (NY-28)
Fortney Pete Stark - D - California 13th District (CA-13)
Edolphus Towns - D - New York 10th District (NY-10)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz - D - Florida 20th District (FL-20)
Anthony Weiner - D - New York 9th District (NY-09)
Lynn Woolsey - D - California 6th District (CA-06)

I noticed all of them were Democrats. Most of them are in safe seats, but in a good years, we can reduce these numbers. Connelly, Israel, Bishop and Price can all be beaten in a very good year. Maybe even McCarthy, but that's really pushing it. Connelly and Bishop are the best bets. 

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