Monday, March 08, 2010

The early bird award goes to Rocky Raczkowski

One of the key things in elections is organization. It is something tough to recognize for those not on the inside of a campaign, or for those who aren't experienced with the nuts and bolts of campaigning. Good organization is essential to a campaign, and can make up for a lot of major deficiencies in some areas, like money or early name recognition. The 2002 Joe Hune campaign was one of the most organized camps I've ever seen to this day. Mike Cox's 2002 campaign was also extremely well organized.

I often check the Secretary of State's office to see the filings. State rep and state senate candidates can either use petitions to file or just pay $100. Most pay the $100. Governor, US Senate, US House, and many local offices require a certain amount of petitions before the May filing deadline to get on the ballot.

With Michael Van Kleeck announcing his withdraw from the ballot to move to Montcalm County and run for the 70th district, Rocky Raczkowski was the first congressional candidate to turn his petition papers in. John Conyers, a 46 year incumbent, also well known for his organization, was the 2nd candidate to turn in his papers.

This is a good showing of organization so far from Rocky's campaign, and it bodes well for his primary and general election. Gary Peters should be concerned.

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Unknown said...

:-) Yes and if you go to and click on News, you can see a video of the filing as well. Fun stuff.