Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Joe Schwarz and Andy Dillon are in

It's an interesting day today. We had the oral arguments of McDonald v Chicago. If I can find audio of that case, I'll be listening to it. If not, I'll settle for the transcript. I want to at least see the text before I comment on the case and the commentators of the case. I won't speculate on the decision.

In gubernatorial news, Andy Dillon is in. If you think Lansing and the house majority is doing a great job right now, vote for Andy. I'm not voting for him. He is better than Joe Schwarz though, but who isn't?

Speaking of the Second Amendment and other issues, Joe Schwarz just won't go away. He's back, and this time running as an independent. He has the exploratory committee out at least. From Politico.

Former Rep. Joe Schwarz (R-Mich.) said Tuesday that he’s forming an exploratory committee to help raise funds and begin building a structure and staff for an independent campaign for governor.

“We’re forming an exploratory committee as soon as possible – my attorney is working on it right now,” Schwarz told POLITICO, adding that it should be finalized within 48 hours. “We’re trying to take this in a logical sequence because this simply hasn’t been done before in Michigan.”
That doesn't get to Schwarz's 2002 campaign stances where he was against the 2nd Amendment, calling the concealed carry supporters "bubba who straps on a 9mm". He voted against it. At another point, he said he didn't have a problem with "Calhoun County" residents with guns, but had a problem with "Wayne County" people with guns. I didn't hear that one first hand, but heard that he made that comment from at least three sources. The bubba quote was on several occasions. Schwarz also called pro-lifers zealots and ripped them in a debate against Posthumus over in Rochester in 2002. I was there. He also at the same even campaigned on increasing property taxes.

We've had budget problems for 10 years. Schwarz was there for part of that and could have helped stop this without tax increases if he chose to do so. He didn't.

The good thing about this is that Schwarz will take more votes from democrats than republicans. He's a more arrogant version of John Anderson. Which republicans will he take votes from outside of Calhoun County? Tax hawks? He supports increases. Gun Owners? They despise him. Pro-lifers? I don't think so? Spending cuts? Nope. Club for Growth went after him for a reason. National defense? Not an issue in a gubernatorial race.

We need change in Michigan. Change does not mean electing an arrogant insider who will try and pass himself off as an outsider. Joe Schwarz is part of the problem. We don't need Lansing elites running the show. I'd frankly prefer more Granholm to this guy, and there's no way I'd give her a 3rd term.

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