Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don Parker not running for re-election as county commissioner

There's a new opening on the Livingston County Board of Commissioners. Don Parker is not running for re-election

Don Parker has announced he will not be running for re-election to the Livingston County Board of Commissioners.
Parker currently serves as vice chairman of the nine-member board. His district covers the city of Howell, a portion of Howell Township and all of Cohoctah and Conway townships.
The 34-year-old Howell resident said he had an “internal feeling” that this was the right time to step aside.
“The time has come to step aside and make room for someone else,” he said.
Parker served on the Howell City Council in 2002 when he was appointed to the county board. He served several months and was then elected to two-year terms in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

I thought Parker did a good job on the county board and wish him well in the future.

This district covers all of Conway and Cohoctah townships, precinct 1 in Howell Township, and all of the City of Howell. Parker's had some tough races in the past in the primary, but has escaped general election battles.

All of the commissioner seats are currently held by Republicans. The last democrat to hold a seat was Jake Donohue down in a district that covered Putnam and Unadilla townships.

  • District 1 - All of Brighton Twp outside precinct 5, Hartland Twp 5 - Maggie Jones
  • District 2 - All of Osceola Twp and Deerfield Twp, Howell twp 2, Genoa Twp 3,11 - Jim Mantey
  • District 3 - All of Tyrone Twp and all of Hartland Twp except 5 - Dave Domas
  • District 4 - All of Handy, Iosco, and Unadilla Twp, Marion Twp 1, Howell Twp 3 - Ronald Van Houten
  • District 5 - All of Conway, Cohoctah, and Howell City, Howell Twp 1 - Don Parker
  • District 6 - All of Putnam Twp, Hamburg 3, Marion 2, 3, 4,Genoa 5, 12. - Steve Williams
  • District 7 - All of Brighton City, Genoa 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Carol Griffith
  • District 8 - All of Hamburg except precinct 3 - Dennis Dolan
  • District 9 - All of Green Oak and Brighton Twp 5 - Jack LaBelle

While Livingston County is at the top of the ticket about 56% GOP in a bad year and 63% GOP in a good year, not all of the county commissioner districts fit that mold. Some parts are more locally democrat than national democrat, especially in Putnam and Unadilla Townships which have a democrat on their boards.

Parker's district may be competitive depending on candidates. Howell is probably the most socially liberal part of the county. I kid you not. At least when it comes to the political class. The City of Howell was McCain's worst showing in the county in 2008, most of which was due to the precinct with the apartments and the trailer park, along with part of downtown. He ran 10% behind Bush overall in the city. The dems haven't recently run an opponent against Parker, so there's nothing to test on that level.

Parker's district in 08 was 52.85% for McCain and 44.95% for Obama. It wasn't close in 2000 or 2004. It should stay ours, but it can not be taken for granted.

I don't know who's going to run for this spot, although I have an idea who might. Stay tuned.

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