Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Florida Special Election - FL-19 (April 13)

I knew about the Hawaii and Pennsylvania special elections, but we have another one I forgot about. Florida 19th. Ed Lynch is running against Ted Deutch in the traditionally democrat stronghold. From the Palm Beach Post.

We initially missed this Friday appearance by Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch on the Fox Business Network in which he says he’s received “probably a thousand percent increase” in contributions since Democrats passed a health care overhaul bill March 21.
Lynch also tells host Stuart Varney that “poling that we’ve done” shows him ahead of heavily favored Democrat Ted Deutch. Deutch’s consultant called that claim “just plain silly.”
Lynch, Deutch and independent Jim McCormick are running in an April 13 special election in Palm Beach-Broward District 19, a Democratic bastion that elected “fire-breathing liberal” Robert Wexler seven times. Wexler stepped down in January to head a Middle East think tank.

Lynch said his contributions spiked after the House passed the legislation March 21 and again after President Obama signed it two days later.

This is possibly the biggest longshot of the three special elections. Robert Wexler, a far leftist democrat, won here seven times. It's treading "republican", and Obama had the lowest total of the three recent democrats in this district, but it's still a democrat stronghold. Palm Beach County and Broward County are democrat. However, as with most special elections, low turnout makes the rules thrown out.

Ed Lynch has a shot to win. Democrats have won districts more republican than this is democrat. Joseph Cao won a special election in a district 10%  more democrat than this. If we're fighting the democrats on their turf, they won't be fighting as much in the swing districts. Now is the time to strike, and special elections put all districts on the table. This is one of them. Good luck to Ed Lynch.

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Communications guru said...

I guess Ed Lynch doesn’t have “a shot to win” considering he lost 61 percent to 36 percent.