Thursday, April 01, 2010

Matt Millen announces run for governor as a democrat

I found this from the news.  It has to be seen to be believed. After eight years of Jennifer Granholm, I'm not voting for her former Detroit Lions counterpart. This is my last choice.

ALLEN PARK -- Former Detroit Lions President and current College Football commentator Matt Millen has thrown his name into the already crowded race for Michigan's governor.

"I've been a champion as a player, and I have executive experience. I can get the job done," said Millen in his announcement from his home. "It's time for an outsider with executive experience." Millen was asked about his loyalties to the democratic party. "Jennifer Granholm has done an excellent job, and I will run a similar style of government. This mess was all Governor John Engler's fault. All of it."

One republican official who spoke on condition of anonymity commented that "Jennifer Granholm was called the Matt Millen of Governors for a reason." Leading democratic officials had no comment.

Matt Millen is an apt person to run. Both Granholm and Millen took 9-7 teams, and gave us eight years of losing, and a long recovery ahead. Both ran their organizations into the ground. With Governor Millen, we'd go from bad to worse.

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