Friday, April 16, 2010

MI-01 update - Prusi, Lahti, Elsenheimer, not running

Nothing much to add here, except that takes two of the major names among democrats. I thought Mike Lahti would be extremely difficult to beat, with Mike Prusi less so (abortion stance).

I'll be surprised if a yooper doesn't run on the democrat side. So far, the two democrats running are Joel Sheltrown, who is by far the strongest candidate that could run in lower Michigan, and Connie Saltonstall, who is the ideal opponent for Republicans due to her stance on social issues.

On the Republican side, Kevin Elsenheimer is not running. He's a state rep from Antrim County, who was strong in the inland areas west of I-75 (GOP base), but not known above the bridge. Apparently, Tom Stillings is also running, along with Don Hooper, Dan Benishek, and Linda Goldthorpe. Tom Stillings has some tea party support, but has a major geographic disadvantage in this district with a Torch Lake address. I don't think that will sell in the UP, nor in the Alpena area.

Dan Benishek is currently the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. It may depend on who else runs, and I'm keeping an eye on two names. Tom Casperson and Scott Shackleton. Both are UP former state reps. I think it will likely take a Yooper for the GOP to have a good chance to win, unless they get lucky with their opponent.



Casperson and lahti are running for senate..

Dan said...

So was Joel Sheltrown (for the Stamas seat) until he announced he was switching races.

The senate announcements were made before Stupak retired, so that's why I'm keeping an eye on them in the first.