Sunday, April 04, 2010

Militias, the Argus, Tea Parties, Open Carry, and stirring up crap

I have to say that I haven't been impressed with the quality of work from the Argus in awhile. It's gone downhill over the past few years with more and more bias to its agenda. It's coming from management, too. The Argus's bias isn't just ideology. It's bias is simply trying to stir up crap to sell papers.

Recently there was a comparison of Hartland's township to Hamburg, where the situation was uncalled for and had nothing to do with it. The reporter in that case didn't even put the Hamburg part in. That came from the editors.

The other day, what used to be the Ole Gray Nash Auction building in downtown Howell was sold. That building had several incarnations, but the Argus had to bring up one infamous auction as it loves the ghost of one infamous New York City transplant to the county. That wasn't needed.

Then after the stirring up of crap, Rich Perlberg writes some sneering editorial lecturing everyone about how mainstream he is, while he's in charge of the stirring up of crap. 

Now we have a militia story in the paper, and the Argus labels it a tea party.

Livingston County residents will get a chance to learn what the Michigan Militia is all about Saturday when it hosts its Open Carry Family Picnic & Tea Party at Island Lake Recreation Area in Green Oak Township.
The slogan for this year's annual Michigan Militia meeting is "Show, shoot, shout, then sip some tea with us," and Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia Livingston County team leader Mike Lackomar said the event is all about showing people who the militia is and what members do.

Here's the problem. The militias and the tea parties aren't the same. They are different organizations, with different people, and different emphasis. In the comments section there, Lackomar said he wasn't tea party. (although the flier advertised and posted on the Open Carry message boards proclaimed it a tea party. Lackomar did that to get attention.

So why was there no differentiation between this and the tea party organizations? One phone call from one of the Argus people could have taken care of that. I think the Argus wants a turnout there, people repulsed, and a new controversy to stir up crap and sell papers. They called Murph and Judy, but nobody with a tea party group?

As to the militia groups, and I'm referring to groups like the "Michigan Militia" and not the constitutional militia which covers all men in the general populace 17 to 45 which is referred to by the 2nd Amendment, there's a large difference between the membership, one wing of which keeps me more than an arms length away.

Assuming the Argus has this part right.

Lackomar said the entire Michigan Militia is trying to distance itself from the FBI's recent arrest and subsequent indictment of nine members of what the FBI called an "extremist anti-government militia" based in Clayton, a village in Lenawee County. The FBI contends the Christian Hutaree group had planned to kill law enforcement officers with explosive devices."I want it to be perfectly clear," Lackomar said. "(The Hutaree) are not us, and we are not them, and we did not agree with their philosophy."

One gun store I frequent has a "Michigan Militia" member there. I won't say which one or who it is. If all of the militia members I met were similar to that guy, I wouldn't be concerned. He's a regular gun rights activist who supports all gun groups. Some others would have me run to the hills. Norm Olsen and Mark Koernke are poison. I don't know Lackomar and can't comment on his Livingston branch. I have had a run in with the crazies in the past. At one 2nd Amendment rally I attended back in 2001, the event was crashed a crazy "militia" branch, one of which was literally wearing a tinfoil hat, and going on about McVeigh was innocent. I wasn't too happy about that, and I have a sour taste from the damage the Olsens, Koernkes, and similar types have done to the entire 2nd Amendment movement, down to the mainstream like GOA and SAFR.

As for Hutare, I've heard from a couple sources the same thing that militia groups in the area wanted nothing to do with Hutare. While we are innocent till proven guilty, that gets my guard up that something wasn't right.

Now, Open Carry. I've written about it in the past. I support the right to do so, and personally don't have a problem with it, as long as people are smart about it. It's not something I would do, but it shouldn't be outlawed. I've spoken to Murph a couple of times on this issue. He's not a fan of it and supports concealed carry. I think his opinion may change on this if people are smart about open carry and how they use it. Murph's a reasonable guy. Open Carry is still yet to be mainstream, and that will take a gradual presence. Concealed Carry took 15 years. The best way to advance that cause to be smart when open carrying.

I'll skip the event Saturday. I hope the event is a good one. By that, I mean don't give the Argus ammo to write a hit piece and Rich Perlberg editorial to go with it. They are looking for trouble and want to stir up crap. Anyone that attends that event better have their guard up with the Argus. The best thing possible for the entire 2nd Amendment movement, including open carry, concealed carry, and those who are members of the militia groups, and those who aren't members of the militia groups, is for this to simply be just another day at the range. That's the best that can happen at this upcoming event.

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Communications guru said...

The corporate media has been conservative for many years, thanks to right-wingers “working the refs” and pushing the “liberal media” political strategy and corporate ownership, but it’s worse at the P & A because its management is Republican.

Newspaper don’t “sell papers” with one story, they make money by having more subscribers over the long haul, and that allows them to have higher advertising rates.

I can’t remember what the Ole Gray Nash Auction building in downtown Howell was used for before the auction house, and neither can anyone else. I’m upset about the militia stories too, as well as the teabaggers stories. These stories are little more than promos. As for the militia, once a hate group, always hate group, and teabaggers and the militia are one in the same.

I find it hard to believe I agree with Mike Murphy, but he’s right, this open carry crap makes no sense. The defensive uses of a gun are few and far between, so why do you feel the need to carry it out in the open? What are you compensating for? Answer Murphy’s question, “If you want to carry a weapon, why not just get a concealed pistol license and be protected?"

The militia and the teabaggers may be different organizations in name, but they are not different people. Plus, they have the same mission.

The “constitutional militia which covers all men in the general populace 17 to 45” is known as the Michigan National Guard. Of course the Michigan Militia is “trying to distance itself from the FBI's recent arrest and subsequent indictment of nine members” of the extremist anti-government militia based in Clayton,” but the fact is there is little difference between the two.

Seriously, “ Anyone that attends that event better have their guard up with the Argus? Please.