Friday, April 02, 2010

A new era begins with Howell Schools

I haven't posted on the school issues recently, but it's a new era in the Howell School District.

From the Argus

Howell Public Schools' next superintendent will start earlier than expected — assuming his position next month rather than in July — with a contract that does not include the "out" clause that allowed the district to abruptly fire its last day-to-day chief administrator.
The district's Board of Education on Thursday approved modifications to Brad Hamilton's three-year contract, allowing it to become effective May 1, although he will be paid a prorated salary until the date he was initially supposed to start, July 1.
Hamilton, the current superintendent of Grass Lake Community Schools in Jackson County, requested the start-date change. He said he is eager to begin building trust with stakeholders throughout the Howell district.
"I really want to get in the classrooms and get in the buildings while students are there to see the schools in action," Hamilton said Thursday.
He added that starting work early will allow the district to move forward with the development of a strategic plan to implement in the fall.
Meanwhile, Hamilton's contract — which the school board modified to also include a clause about binding arbitration — requires that any potential employment termination be the result of the school board finding just cause.

Good luck to Mr. Hamilton. He doesn't have an easy job considering what's gone on there with his bosses over the past several years going back to the time around the proposed enhancement millage and rainbow flag dustups. Interestingly, both Debi Drick and Wendy Day both agreed on the hiring. They aren't known for agreement when it comes to board issues. Maybe that's a good start with this new hire.

I don't know enough to have an opinion, except that I hope he does a good job and that things get put back on track in our county based school districts.

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