Saturday, April 03, 2010

RINO alert - Bruce Hawley - State Rep District 73

I don't often throw the term RINO. When I do, it's because I save it for "republicans" who back democrats, like that current punk living on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Look what we got here. Thanks to JR Foley on Right Michigan for bringing this to our attention. It's not cool to be a democrat, and some are going to take care of that. 

From the Grand Rapids Press.

GRAND RAPIDS -- A three-way Republican primary is set for state Rep. Tom Pearce's, R-Rockford, 73rd District seat. Tim Nelson, 39, of Rockford, director of spiritual formation at Ada Bible Church, will battle Tom Norton, of Sand Lake, a retention specialist with Charter Communications and Bruce Hawley, of Kent City, a former business manager for Ironworkers Local 340.
In 2008, Hawley was defeated when he ran as a Democrat.

This isn't back 1990 when there were more conservative democrats. This isn't just a local office up in the UP. This was 2008 for state rep, when Obama was leading the ticket. Hawley ran for office as a democrat in 2008.

Here, a Michigan Liberal thread shows that Bruce Hawley was campaigning with Carl Levin.

This Daily Kos thread has him and Obama campaigning together

The Campaign Contributions list shows his real ties. He donated to Andy Dillon, Dave LaGrand who ran against Bill Hardiman, Democrat state party, state rep Mary Valentine, state rep Roy Schmidt, Jennifer Granholm, Kent County Democrats, and the 3rd District Democratic Committee.

Now, all of a sudden, he's a Republican? If this is a real party switch, I'd need to see a lot of actions which showed a switch, especially on economic matters and campaigning. This seems just all too convenient to me. He didn't just vote or run as a democrat. He gave to all of the big names in West Michigan democrat politics, along with Dillon and Granholm. Granholm.

Heads up out that way.


Communications guru said...

“Like that current punk living on Pennsylvania Avenue?” How about pussy living in Green Oak Township? What exactly, other than he is a Democrat, makes the President of the United States, a “punk”?

jrfoleyjr said...

Hi Kevin Shopshire aka communications guru of the Progressive Democrat Ministry of Propaganda - disinformation, attached to Senator Basham's office...

What does the current punk living on Pennsylvania Ave have to do with the price of calamari in Italy? Well, the current punk was a dope dealer and close friends with terrorists while he worked as a street agitator in Chicago.

But the central topic above concerns a hard core yellow dog neo-com (one of your lockstep brethren) filing to run for Tom Pearce's Michigan House district 73 seat as a Republican.

Jason Gillman said...

That "punk" is doubling down on the damage the progressive movement has brought this country for over 80 years. His straight out Marxist bent makes FDR look like Ronald Reagan.

Are You a communist too Kevin? If you are.. at least be honest about it. My Son in law was.

Communications guru said...

Hi, unknown anonymous person. You got my name, screen name and employer right, but it was never a secret, considering my name is on my blog. However, you just continue to get my job description wrong.

There is no “current punk” living on Pennsylvania Avenue, and there never has been, not even when the grossly incompetent and elitist Bush occupied it.

You need to go back on your meds; “dope dealer and close friends with terrorists while he worked as a street agitator in Chicago? Please, you’re showing how stupid you are with that ridiculous crap.

As for the Republican primary, I could less about a Republican primary. What’s really funny is a party with a purity test making a claim about “lockstep brethren.” I guess that’s why more people call themselves Democrats than Republicans.

Communications guru said...

The “progressive movement” not only made this country great, it created it. The fact is President Obama is far from a liberal. In fact, he’s as liberal as Richard Nixon.

No, I’m not a communist. In fact, while you were at home here in Michigan bad-mouthing the government, I spent 20 years of my life on the front lines in the Cold War fighting against Communism.

I’m a patriotic American and a progressive liberal that helped make thus country great.

Communications guru said...

Oh, I forget something, anonymous person. I welcome you to find any “propaganda” or “disinformation” in anything I have written. Hell, I challenge you. And don’t worry, unalike rightwing blogs, I don’t censor and ban you when you say things I don’t agree with.