Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sue Dolato running to replace Parker on County Commission

I got an email from Sue Dolato announcing her run for county commission. Sue's running for the 5th District which is opening up from Parker not running for re-election. The district covers all of Conway, Cohoctah, and Howell City, and precinct one in Howell Township. It is one of the more potentially competitive districts in the county and can not be taken for granted. This was at one time my district.

I don't know if someone else is running, but Sue has my support. I've known Sue for years from her time as a legislative aide and other campaigns. I've worked with her in different capacities. She knows what she's doing, is nobody's yesman, and would bring an independent streak to the board. At the same time, Sue will work well with the current members on the board.

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