Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another incumbent fired. Bob Inglis sent home

Ouch. Some big news in South Carolina. The media is hyping that two minorities won their runoffs and will be the Republican nominations for a congressional seat and governorship this fall. Nikki Haley, an American of Indian ancestry won a tough primary and runoff against a bailout supporting Republican in Greshem Barrett. Good to see. Tim Burns, a black republican beat Strom Thurmond's son which is significant considering that last name. Neither race was close, and good luck to both of them in the general. Both candidates are popular with the site Redstate.

What is more significant is that another incumbent was sent home. Bob Inglis, who supported the bailout was sent back to Greenville. Trey Gowdy destroyed him in the runoff.

Several incumbents have been defeated already, and we haven't gotten to November yet. Alan Mollohan, Bob Bennett, Arlen Specter, Bob Inglis, Parker Griffith, and Jim Gibbons all were fired. This is rare in primaries, and this has been a bipartisan firing.

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Jack Hoogendyk said...

As a Tea-party, conservative Republican running in the primary against a "rino" who voted for TARP, the anti-surge "cut-and-run" and lots of big spending, this gives me great encouragement. wwwHoogendykForCongress.com