Thursday, June 24, 2010

Halfway jobs get halfway results. Asian Carp passes the barrier

I said back in February that a halfway job is absolute disaster. Well, now the carp passed the barrier and has a clear shot to Lake Michigan. Obama listened to his Chicago puppet masters instead of doing the right thing. It's time to close the locks and minimize the damage by these invasive species.

Picture's at the Free Press

Federal and state officials in Illinois said this afternoon that they found a live bighead carp in Lake Calumet, 6 miles from Lake Michigan, in an area near where a poisoning operation that ended June 4 took place.

Several members of Congress were notified today of the find. The creature, found by commercial fishermen looking for carp as part of wider carp hunting missions, was 34.6 inches long and weighed just under 20 pounds.

This is the first time anyone has found an Asian carp, live or dead, beyond an electric barrier on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal near Lockport. The nearest carp to the barrier was a dead one found last December after a massive poisoning of the shipping canal.

But the Army Corps of Engineers said it has no plans to close any locks in response to the fish find. There are no locks that can be closed between Lake Calumet and Lake Michigan.

Lake Calumet sits between T. J. O’Brien Lock and Dam and Lake Michigan. The find was made in the northwest corner of the lake near Harborside Golf Course.

Officials said earlier this month they had found no evidence of the two Asian carp species thought to have breached the electric barrier.

Lake Calumet is a murky lake in southern Chicago near the Indiana border, between the I-90 and I-94 freeways, a few miles west of Whiting, Ind., in a heavily industrial area. The Cal-Sag Channel, an arm of the shipping canal, runs into the lake.

As I wrote in February.

The entire Michigan delegation united on this issue. That alone tells you how big of a deal this is. Just about everyone is on board except Obama not wanting to hurt his big money buddies in the concrete jungle of Chicago.

Intermittent lock closures are a joke. If you have a squirrel getting in your bird feeder, you don't take the baffle off of the feeder one week a month. The squirrel will get through. It's what they do. If you want to keep deer out, you don't put up a five foot fence. They will jump it. For once I agree with Granholm. Close this down, get rid of the bottomfeeders, and then open it up.

How big of deal is this? Gigantic. This up to 100lb fish gets 40% of its bodyweight each day. This will starve out the fish in our great lakes. Trout. Salmon. Perch.Whitefish. Walleye. This is a $4Billion dollar industry, and these carp are a major threat to that economy. I don't want to lose our fishing to a damn carp of all things.

Not only are the Great Lakes at risk, but so are the inland waters. Most, if not all of the rivers and streams in Michigan are connected to the Great Lakes. In Livingston County, the Huron River eventually flows to Lake Erie. The Red Cedar and Looking Glass Rivers flows eventually via the Grand River to Lake Michigan. The Shiawassee River flows eventually into Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron. The carp likely wouldn't go this far inland with the dams, but they could cause some problems flowing upstream in those rivers near the coast. That'll hurt the economy even more.

Take em out of the Illinois Waterway.

Time is money. Time is not on our side. It's time Obama stand up to his Chicago puppet masters and close the locks.


Communications guru said...

What BS. No, Obama didn’t listen to his “Chicago puppet masters” he listed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. What’s really funny is that someone like you who hates government and wants to shrink it is calling for government help. You hate environmentalists, but you’re taking the case of the environmentalists you hate over business.

I guess Liz Brater is right when she said the government needs to be strong and vigorous in its mission to protect the people from harm and to help us address harms in the environment.

Glad to see you’re finally with us.

You will recall that in February the federal government launched a new $78.5 million plan to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. However, the governor deemed the proposed measures insufficient, and she directed "Manoogian" Mike Cox to seek a legal solution. He filed a motion to the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency order to close the locks connecting the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal to Lake Michigan. However, the conservative court rejected the motion. I guess we need a better AG if he can’t even win in a friendly court.

Cox can’t even win in a court hostile to the environment and friendly to business. We should have had a real AG do the job. You can read it here.

Dan said...

I'm not asking for much here. Close the damn Chicago locks. That's it. That solves the carp problem. This is a real problem, not some remote possibility of a problem like global warming.

Unlike most federal related stuff, it is a proper jurisdiction as it directly affects more than one state (and two countries).

Communications guru said...

Well, it doesn’t solve the problem. Global warming is a scientific fact, and the only debate is what to do about it. I don’t see what climate change has to do with you calling the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “Chicago puppet masters.” Or how incompetent "Manoogian" Mike Cox is; or how you need the government you hate so much.