Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reality to Mr. Obama - Talk is cheap.

This comes from the "You got to be kidding files." Money talks, BS walks.

From the AP

RACINE, Wis. – Sensitive to election-year resentment over big government, President Barack Obama declared Wednesday he intends to get "our debt and our deficits under control." With fears alive of a double-dip recession, Obama warned that he won't slash spending at the expense of the economic rebound.

"We got it moving again," Obama said of the economy to his town hall audience in this Midwestern city, where unemployment tops 14 percent. "We now have to, in a gradual way, reduce spending ... but do so in a way that doesn't hurt people. And that is a challenge."

The debt is hurting people. It weakens our dollar, increases inflation, increases costs, weakens our country's economic leverage, and wastes taxpayers money in interest.

As far as reducing spending, Obama hasn't done jackshit except do what he does best. Run his gigantic mouth. This is the Joker who just ram-rodded a takeover of healthcare, a trillion dollar stimulus bill that benefits government, not people, and as a senator with McCain and Bush, pushed for a bailout of big banks helping his buddies at Goldman Sachs. This is in addition to the regular budget which double's Bush's record deficits. Bush absolutely sucked on this issue, and Obama makes him look almost like Mike Pence, who actually is good on this issue. That's not an easy thing to do.

"How do we get government spending under control? That's a legitimate question," Obama said. "And whether you're a Democrat, an independent, or a Republican, all of us should be worried about the fact that we have been running the credit card ... Somebody's going to have to pay that back."
It's an easy answer. Stop spending all the damn money you don't have, dumbass.

He promised that the matter would be a priority for him over the next couple of years, with help from a commission studying how to reduce costly safety-net programs. Still, the president defended as essential both the unprecedented stimulus spending and the massive aid given to big banks and auto companies.

Commissions? We don't need any commissions on this. Commissions are a joke. They are a bunch of has been politicians who call themselves "statesmen", who push for the same old crap to give cover to our elected polls when they follow the recommendation.

This does sound familiar. Obama ran his mouth on this awhile back too. Let's go back to January, when I wrote on this then.

1-26-2010 - Obama's new awakening on fiscal matters is absolute bullshit

Bluntly titled, and true. His awakening on fiscal matters is absolute bullshit. He talked about commissions then too. This was also before the health care fiasco.

Balancing the budget isn't hard. Paying off the debt with stimulus is harder, but doable with something that Washington does not have. Discipline. Put me in charge, and I'll balance the budget in the first year. I'll pay off the damn debt in 10 years.

If I can do it, the so called experts should be able to do it. Don't count on it. They aren't as smart as me and you.

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