Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bullshit "Tea Party" (BSTP) releases their candidate list. Several are open democrats

The actual tea party movement isn't a real political party. It's a loose-knit group of conservative and libertarian activists who are irate at the spending, taxes, TARP, and other big government leftism that has gone on for the past six years.

However, the left is trying to create a bullshit "tea party" to try and siphon 2-3% of the vote to keep power with the democrats. How do we know it's the left? I'll give you four reasons later.

Here's their list of candidates.

State Senate
District 7: Shelley Niles
District 12: John Young
District 13: Thomas Murdock
District 15: Heather Sartorius
District 26: Andrew Nicholls
District 36: Frantt Whitehall

State House
District 1: Jameson Canto
District 26: Susan Quashat
District 43: Matthew Quinn
District 51: William Guethner
District 64: Sara Summerfelt
District 65: Christopher Dickinson
District 107: Tony Matthews
District 108: David Polzin

Notice where they are. Those are almost all competitive or swing districts. They aren't based in Detroit (except 1), Flint, or Southfield, nor Livingston County.

State Senate:
District 7 - Bruce Patterson's seat. Downriver west to Belleville and north to Northville. Close district for years.
District 12 - Mike Bishop's district. Democrat Pontiac and Republican Northern Oakland. Leans Republican, but nothing with Pontiac is safe.
District 13 - John Pappageorge Central Oakland. One of the three closest districts in the state in 06
District 15 - West Oakland. One of the few safe or almost safe districts. It still has West Bloomfield though.
District 26 - Part of Genesee and Oakland Counties. Treading Republican, but not there yet.
District 36 - Midland and the Lake Huron Coast. Swing district.

State House:
District 1 - Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods and part of Detroit. Swings.
District 26 - Leans Democrat. Royal Oak and Madison Heights.
District 43 - Slightly Republican. Waterford, part of West Bloomfield (not the most democrat part)
District 51 - Southern Genesee County - Slightly Republican, but Pat Lockwood held this seat in the 90's.
Districts 64 and 65 - Jackson County, swings.
District 107 - Eastern UP, Northern Lower Penninsula - Swings
District 108 - Central/Southern UP - Swings.

Why aren't they running in ANY non-competitive districts? Simple. Because they are leftists who want the democrats to win. We know this for four reasons.

Reason 1 - Mark Steffek. Steffek is the chair and treasurer of the Bullshit Tea Party (hereafter reffered to as BSTP. Steffek's political donations include David Bonior for Governor and the UAW's PAC. The UAW leadership and Bonior? Far leftist democrats. Check the donation reports, which are all online at the Secretary of State's website

Reason 2 - Thomas Murdock. He and his wife Joyce donated $100 to Andy Dillon. Joyce also supports anti-hunting committees. No real tea party supporter would donate to Dillon, but the BSTP does. Source - Secretary of State

Reason 3 - Frantt Whitehall. Frantt donated to Garnet Lewis, Sharon Tillman, Mike Huckleberry. Robert Whitehall of the same address gave to Clinton County Democrats. Source - Secretary of State.

Reason 4 - David Polzin. He donated to Bart Stupak. No real tea party supporter would donate to Stupak, but the BSTP is another story. f that's not good enough. David Polzin of Menominee gave $10 to Grand Traverse Democrats, and $55 to Granholm, and $50 to Michigan House Democrats fund.

Granholm? Caucus? That's what the BSTP supports.

We as conservatives need to make sure that the BSTP is exposed, is not a real tea party, and is just another arm of the democrats. A vote for the BSTP is a vote for more of the same from the left which is running this state into the ground.

Right Michigan is also doing research on this.


Communications guru said...

Well, at least it’s nice to see that you are finally dropping that bullshit about the teabaggers being nonpartisan and are just upset about “out of control government spending and admit they are just the militant, racist arm of the Republican Party. It never was a “grassroots” effort, and it was organized, financed and staged by the GOP.

PJSolarz said...

@Guru: I don't know where you got that from. the first paragraph spells out what the tea partiers are and what they stand for.
I am assuming you are one of these candidates running on the BSTP ticket or a fan of Bill Mauer and the progressive liberal weenies that think the government can take better care of us and our money than we can.

Communications guru said...

You don’t know where I got what from? The fact is teabaggers claimed when this Astroturf of a farce began more than a year ago that it was nonpartisan and just folks upset about “out of control government spending.” The claim was teabggers were not Democrats or Republicans,.

Do you see my name on the list? I don’t. I don’t know who Bill Mauer is. However, I am a proud liberal and a progressive, and no one but you ever said “the government can take better care of us and our money than we can.”

Dan said...


Kevin, I'm not interested in what you do in your private time, alright. That's none of my business, although your wife may be concerned with your obsession with teabagging.

Communications guru said...

Yes, teabaggers. That’s what you guys called yourselves, and I like it.

You’re “not interested in what I do in my private time?” What the hell does that mean? Why would my wife be “concerned with my alleged obsession with teabagging?”

I guess when you’re short of facts, this is where you have to go. Too bad.