Sunday, August 15, 2010

Allen doesn't ask for recount. Benishek wins in MI-01

Talk about taking one for the team. Jason Allen had every right to ask for a recount after losing by 15 votes (official certification). He decided not to do so and conceded the primary to Dan Benishek. This greatly improves Benishek's chances to win the district vacated by Bart Stupak.

From Right Michigan

"A 15 vote separation through a recount and validation process might easily be overcome if there was a decision to do so. There are compelling reasons to follow through and honor the wishes of those 27,000 voters who thought I might represent them. I am humbled, and honored by their support, but at this time feel they might be best served without a recount process that would be damaging to both campaigns and would not serve the district well."

Dan Benishek has his own statement in response.
"After a hard fought six way primary where many good candidates, who care about their country, stepped into the arena to fight for a new direction for our country, I am proud to be the Republican nominee for Congress in Michigan's 1st district. All of the candidates are to be commended for their hard work and for the massive number of voters that turned out to vote in our primary on election day- twice as many as voted on the democrat side. When the votes were tallied the count between Senator Jason Allen and myself came down to one of the closest margins in history.

Today Senator Allen demonstrated that he is a man who puts his country, his conservative principles and his party ahead of his own interests. While I am new to this political arena, I have learned very quickly how invested you become in winning, along with your family, your friends and your supporters. It is not easy to step back and do what is in the interest of the party, and ultimately the country, and to give Republicans the best chance of winning by laying down arms as adversaries and moving forward together as allies. To make the decision to step aside when your instincts are to fight, takes great courage and selflessness.

I will never forget, nor should the voters of this district forget, the courage that Jason has shown. Today we stand together as Republicans. I greatly appreciate Jason’s support and would be honored to have him and his supporters stand with us as we work to defeat Gary McDowell and take back our government from the failed policies of Nancy Pelosi and her liberal friends in Congress.”

Gary McDowell is a strong candidate. Benishek will need to run an A+ campaign to take this district. His weakness is money. We have the chance to take at least 3 seats this election. MI-01. MI-07. MI-09. MI-11 is a potentially tough defense we need to be on the watch for.

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