Sunday, August 15, 2010

County Conventions, Inside baseball, tea parties, Hamburg, power politics, and future warnings

I don't usually post much inside baseball here, especially local related. It usually isn't constructive. It puts me in the line of fire in areas where I'd rather not be.

Last Thursday, August 12th, was the Republican Party County Conventions. The convention is the same day in all counties. The purpose of THIS convention is to choose the delegates for State Convention. The real power though isn't decided at this convention. This one does matter for Lt Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Supreme Court, and university races, but ideologywise, it's not that big of a deal (depending on Snyder's LT pick). This time. The big one is AFTER November. We have two conventions there. One to pick county party leadership, and one to pick the leadership for state committee and district committee.

The process is different for each county. Most are "at-large" while I believe Oakland is "caucus."

A conservative teacher - Oakland County

Mason County

Jason Gillman - Grand Traverse County

Here in Livingston, our chair Mike Murphy and the election committee here did a very good job of a potentially terrible situation. The committee worked to make sure the what would otherwise be competing interests from getting into a major fight. There was a combination of old guard, somewhat newer conservative activists who are involved, and tea party participants. Previous conventions in Livingston were easy. Who wanted to go to state went. This one had about 2-3 times the normal turnout.

The one group left out was the Hamburg clique which wants to take control of the party. They were the filibustering ones there. Here's a newsflash for the Hamburg gang and their takeover attempt. You're not that important. We don't care that you are elected officials. We don't care that one of you are related to the Romneys. We don't care about your personal vendettas against a couple of activists due to local Hamburg politics. We do care however, that we don't want the soap opera embarrassment coming to County Party. We got on track internally in the last four years and do not need your clique to screw it all up. One of the clique members was running his mouth at about how bad the county party is for not doing enough to back recalls etc in Hamburg. This was about the umpteenth rant and fillibuster from the clique, and the rest of the 125 people there in the packed house was tired of it. I had enough myself and admit, somewhat rudely interrupted the individual with a five word comment. "Because you don't show up."

Despite not being on County Executive Committee in four years (I'm on district instead), I go to most of the meetings. I'm on a strategy committee. I do behind the scenes work for them. I don't see that Hamburg clique at any of those events. They then come here, and run our mouth about us at an event for state convention delegates, after not doing anything except put us in the papers? The rest of the crowd wasn't impressed with most of that clique either, as they finished way back in the pack in voting for convention delegate, barely making alternate. My choices were made quite easily in voting. Humble the clique.

We need to be prepared though when the county party leadership is going to be picked. We can not allow Livingston to turn into Hamburg Township Government. We need to make sure that the next committee takes what is best from the past four years, and improves on it, and represents the county well and does not become a soap opera. I think the county did that well with the tea party groups in the area for this meeting and hope that continues to be the case. I don't expect that from the Hamburg clique based on the behavior I saw Thursday.

Leave the soap opera politics back in township. I don't like it there, but I don't live there. It's not really my business outside of periphery. Pushing this on county makes it my business and county doesn't have time for that BS.


Not-A-RINO said...

Very well stated!

These buffoons acted like a bunch of little girls who had their dolls kicked. If they were there to impress everyone, I can tell you the people I had spoken to were disgusted. I have seen better behaved people in a kindergarten.

Dan said...

Well, expect to see them again when its time to pick the executive committee and district committee.

It's going to be interesting in late November and December.

Communications guru said...

What do you expect when you get a bunch of Republicans together. Having people who don’t march in lockstep and actually have different views is a new thing for Republicans.

But, teabaggers do have lots of experience disrupting meetings.

Dan said...

Actually, those who were ideologically different tended to agree with the compromise solution that was proposed and accepted. It's amazing what happens when people are treated as adults.

The disruption was solely by one clique of elected township officials in Hamburg, one part of the same group that nearly caused the democrats to win in this county in 2008 (and possibly 2010 if they were up for election).

It was nothing to do with ideology, but personal grudges and power.

Communications guru said...

“One clique of elected township officials in Hamburg?” I wonder who that can be, and considering Hamburg is the most populace township in county, it’s more than just your spin that it is just a ”clique of elected township officials in Hamburg.”

The Democrats almost took this county in 2008? Win what?

Dan said...

I meant Hamburg township, not the whole county. The clique caused the dems to almost win Hamburg.

It's not a secret who lead the disruption. The last name is Semprevivo.

Lori said...

Those loud mouthed jerks weren't there for the betterment of the party. They were there to continue their character assassinations. How could they think anyone in that room would agree with their obscene rant? Let them show up in November. I think they'll find that this time they won't succeed in their venom spewing.

Communications guru said...

Nice try at spin, but the disruption at all of the county conventions all over the state is going to make the convention on the 28th interesting. Before the Astroturf “tea parties” I didn’t think it possible for the GOP to move any farther to the right, but I was wrong. To claim the most populace township in the county is “not that important” is a lot of spin. I’m not sure what Philip Carmine Semprevivo has to do with anything.

Lori said...

Were you there Kevin? If not then no, you wouldn't know what he had to do with it. That whole row of rino's should have stayed home where they could gather together in each other's company and continue their childish comments against people they've come to love to hate. The audience they appeared before at the convention was in no way appreciative of their display.

Communications guru said...

Of course I wasn’t there, who ever you are. The GOP shuts the conservative media out of their conventions, so what chance would I have? However, I know spin when I see it. That “whole row of ‘rino's’” gets larger every day.

A Conservative Teacher said...

Be prepared for more of the same stuff at the state convention (which I'll be at too).

Communications guru said...

I talked to a former Hamburg Township board member who rides my Michvan today, and this “Hamburg clique” spin is a bigger problem than you’re saying.