Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DCCC's first ad defense - Wisconsin's 7th District (WI-07)

I saw this in Politico, and it was interesting for a whole different reason.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched its TV ad campaign Monday – the beginning of a nine-week spending barrage that the party hopes will mitigate losses this fall.

In its first missive, the House Democratic campaign arm is up with a 30-second spot slamming Wisconsin Republican Sean Duffy.....

Wisconsin’s 7th District, where Democratic Rep. David Obey is retiring after 20 terms, is one of 60 districts the DCCC plans to invest in this fall. The committee has outlined plans to spend over $49 million in 60 districts nationwide, in an effort to protect the imperiled Democratic majority.

It's an interesting first defense choice because that seat's been in democrat hands for over 40 years with retiring Dave Obey. The district covers North Central and Northwestern Wisconsin, including the major democrat stronghold of Superior (Think Marquette or Duluth, MN). Gore and Kerry won the district narrowly, and Obama won it easily.

That's good news seeing this picked by the DCCC. That's good news for us.

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