Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is David Leyton too busy to be AG?

Who is David Leyton, besides the democrats choice for AG. He's currently the Genesee County prosecutor. Flint, Beecher, Mt Morris, Burton, Flint, Beecher, Flint, and Beecher. Why do I keep mentioning Flint and Beecher? Because there's been a stabbing problem there.

From the Detroit Free Press

A serial killer suspect, who allegedly went on a multistate stabbing spree, was arraigned on one charge of assault with intent to murder in Flint’s 68th District Court.

Elias Abuelazam, 33, is accused of stabbing 14 men in the Flint area, including five who died, and attacking four others in Virginia and Ohio. All of the attacks were on men and most were African American.

Abuelazam appeared for his arraignment via video from the jail. He was charged in one nonfatal attack in the Flint area and being held in the Genesee County Jail. Judge Nathaniel Perry III ordered he be held on no bond.

Abuelazam will be back in court Aug. 31 for a pretrial hearing.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said in court that more charges – including murder charges for the deaths of five Flint-area men – will be filed against Abuelazam.

“I believe he is not sick,” Leyton said of Abuelazam at a news conference after the hearing. “He is evil.”

Now he is innocent till proven guilty. It's the prosecutor's job, to prove cases beyond a reasonable doubt if there is probable cause. A key part of that is getting information. Here's the problem with Leyton.

While police and prosecutors in three jurisdictions publicly describe cooperation as they build cases against serial stabbing suspect Elias Abuelazam, WTOP has learned the top prosecutors in Flint, Michigan and Loudoun County have never talked to one another.

"You'd think they'd return my phone calls, especially since I have information that will help them," says frustrated Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman.

Plowman described leaving a detailed message for an assistant prosecutor, asking to talk directly with Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton.

He's still waiting.

"I know multi-jurisdictional cases are tough," says Plowman. "But I should be able to get my counterpart on the phone."

More than two weeks after police linked three August attacks of black men in Leesburg to a string of fatal stabbings in Flint, Mich., a spokesperson confirms Leyton has never spoken with Plowman, saying "I can't explain it."

After that story, they finally got in contact today. Finally. If this guy is guilty, the last thing needed is for someone to botch the case OJ style.


Communications guru said...

That false attack piece went out pretty quick. The teabagger over on wrong Michigan has the same propaganda. David Leyton has a 93 percent conviction rate, winning thousands of cases. What’s Bill “oil man” Schuette’s conviction rate? Oh, wait, it’s zero.

Unknown said...

This is the deal lol that is it Leyton is the plea deal King.. He is the one that will not Talk to people because he is to good to talk to people.. He lets murders Go that are on Crack because he feels they just made a mistake. and When you get a Case reopened that he deemed justifiable He make comment to make sure the case in not reopened. want the evidence of the cases go to my Facebook and Join me and Read Read Read the police Reports the autopsy and Hear the people that he says just made a Mistake. ask and I will give it all. Oh yeah I am a Democrat and this time around I am voting Republican. Bobby Johnson.

Communications guru said...

Two words: BS

Unknown said...

Well I think you need to provide the people with Evidence Guru. I can I have the paper work from the police and I have the Recording of him not allowing the case to be Reopened in my brothers Case so before you say BS prove me Wrong. and provide Evidence or just Shut up. as Well your First Comment you want to say he has a 93% conviction Rate yeah when you do not take all the cases to court you just dont charge them then they are not apart of the Rate. and Most the Rate is TICKETS go Look at the Record they are on line 68th court and the 7th are on Line you can find hundreds of Tickets speeding and Insurance tickets with Davids Name as the Prosecutor. so you want the Truth on that Rate take all them out and you will find a Different Story