Monday, August 02, 2010

Last minute primary stuff

The biggest day in elections is Tuesday. That's when most of the decisions will be made.

Most of the hype has been focused on the gubernatorial race and for good reason. I'm going to make some quick comments on some of the other races as well. These don't cover all of them.

District 1 - I met Benishek and Allen both once. I don't know them. Knowing what I know about the district with family there and spending time up there, North Michigan has a different kind of politics. I think it takes a Yooper to win the district. If Allen wins the primary, I hope I'm wrong.

District 2 - I really haven't followed this one at all.

District 3 - A three way race mostly between Hardiman, Amash, and Heacock. Amash is the libertarian-republican. Hardiman's from Grand Rapids/Kentwood. Heacock is more suburban. This will be an interesting battle, and have learned to expect almost anything out of Kent County.

District 5 - Jack Hoogendyk is challenging Fred Upton in the primary. This is a longshot, but incumbents have gone down a few times this year. Upton's survived challenges before. Jack would be a fiscal voice of sanity in DC and would get my vote.

District 7 - Three way primary between Tim Walberg, Brian Rooney, and Marvin Carlson. Tim Walberg is a good guy and solid conservative. He was caught offguard a bit in 2008 and I don't think that will happen this time. He voted against TARP twice instead of taking the easy way out and has a strong conservative record.

District 8 - The democrats have an interesting primary here. Kande what's his name couldn't handle Michigan style adversity and when the going got tough, he hit the road running back to Philly where things are less tough. His name's still on the ballot. Lance Enderle is running a write in campaign trying to beat Kande the ghost in the primary. Here's another reason for the democrats to stay in your own primary (and out of ours) along with the governor's race.

District 9 - Mostly a two way battle between Rocky Raczkowski and Paul Welday. I've known Rocky for years and he's a good guy and solid conservative with a history of winning tough races for state rep in Farmington Hills. After the 2002 loss against Carl Levin, he was called back up to service and served overseas. He's back and running in the 9th. Paul Welday was Joe Knollenberg's chief of staff. I met him a couple of times. Nice guy, but I think Rocky can upset Gary Peters. He's won tough elections in the past.

State Senate:
11th District....uhhh. No comment except that I hope the infighting doesn't cost us in November there. That is all.

18th District - Gary Wellings is the owner of a local Whitmore Lake based paper called The Courant which covers Southern Livingston and Northern Washtenaw Counties. I wrote a couple of articles for the Courant in the past and worked with Gary. He's a good guy and worthy of your support.

22nd District - I've known Joe Hune for years. The best thing about Joe as a senator is that he doesn't care what the self proclaimed important people in Lansing think. Joe doesn't care if you have a title. If he thinks it's right, he'll support it. If not, he won't. Backbone is missing in Lansing, and Joe has the backbone to stand up to pressure.

24th District - Rick Jones has been a good guy to gun owners for years, before it wasn't cool to be pro-gun.

26th District - In a close call, Dave Robertson. This is a swing district that doesn't have anyone named Cherry running this time. Robertson can pick off crossover votes in Genesee County.

31st District - Mike Green was the author of the bill to allow Michigan become a shall-issue state. He also won a district now represented by a democrat. He can flip the 50/50 district now that Jim Barcia (Who I wish ran against Dale Kildee in the primary) has been termed out.

State House:
30th District - I met Michael Shallal on the campaign trials. I meet a lot of candidates and not all of them are impressive. He's a good guy and solid conservative who just got back from Iraq. What impressed me from a candidate standpoint is his organization skills. The Rocca family has held the seat for over 20 years. Bill Ballenger predicted this seat to go democrat. I think Michael Shallal has something to say about that. If he wins, I think we're going to keep this seat.

31st District - Dan Tollis is a good guy worthy of our support.

73rd District - Bruce Hawley ran as a democrat in 2008. He's running as a republican in 2010. His campaign finance donation history shows he was a strong democrat supporting Granholm.

105th District - One person I couldn't vote for there is Dennis Lennox over his campaign finance shenanigans as Drain Commissioner. You don't do stuff like that on the county dime.

Oakland County Probate - Kathleen Ryan. I first met many of the Ryans during law school. It's a good family of judges who look at the facts, the law, and make sound and fair decisions based on that. Kate Ryan would be an excellent addition to the bench.

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