Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Primary recap 2010

One thing I think Michigan needs to consider is a rule like the South has on runoffs. In some state's, the cutoff is 40%. In others it is 50%. A race where any candidate does not get the cutoff number will have a runoff of the top two candidates. That would have likely avoided a Snyder win.

I'll get to the gubernatorial race in my next post. It's title will say my thoughts loud and clear. I'll vote for our Secretary of State nominee. I'll vote for either Mike Bishop or Bill Schuette. I'll vote for Justice Young. I'll vote for Joe Hune. I'll vote for Mike and Bill Rogers. I'm undecided on the gubernatorial race.

Some of the Primary Races are as follows.


The first district primary between Jason Allen and Dan Benishek will probably go to a recount. I'll have more on this later when I update the congressional districts. Very interesting results by geography.

Bill Huizenga presumably wins the 2nd district in a close race against former NFL player Jay Riemersma.

Libertarian leaning Justin Amash cleaned up the 3rd district in a race not as close as expected.

Dale Kildee won his race easily in the 5th. John Kupiec edged out Rick Wilson for the Republican nomination. Wilson won Tuscola and Bay County. Kupiec won Genesee and Saginaw.

Fred Upton had a tougher than expected win over Jack Hoogendyk in the primary. Jack gave Upton his toughest primary challenge yet.

Tim Walberg has a rematch with Mark Schauer in the 7th.

In the 8th, Kande Ngalamulume beat write-in candidate Lance Enderle.

In the 9th, Rocky Raczkowski will face Gary Peters

In the 12th, Sander Levin stomped Mickey Switalski in what I expected to be a closer race.

In the 13th, Carolyn Kilpatrick was defeated by St Senator Hansen Clarke.

In the 14th, Don Ukrainec will face John Conyers

In the 15th, John Dingell will be facing Dr. Rob Steele.

Livingston County:

In the State Senate 22nd District, Joe Hune won with 71.52% of the vote. Paul Rogers got 28.28%

For commissioners:
Surprisingly it was close in the 1st district primary. Nancy Hill came within 22 votes of defeating Maggie Jones. 1396-1374.

Dave Domas in the 3rd easily survived his challenge from Charlie Aberasturi. 2642-859

In the 5th, Jay Drick defeated Sue Dolato by 122 votes. 1091-879-419.

The millage and bond renewals passed, but the new ones failed across the board.

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