Monday, August 30, 2010

Reason number 5838523 to not donate a dime to the NRSC

I've long had gripes with the NRSC. As a rule, I do not donate to national political organizations and parties. I usually limit my donations to local committees I know and support or better yet - individual campaigns.

The latest from the clowns at the NRSC shows that they do not give a damn about winning in November. They care about preserving their own jobs only before the party. They are incumbents first, party 2nd, challengers to democrats 3rd.

From Redstate

Dan Riehl put up the letter outlining the complaint Joe Miller has raised over a Murkowski “observer.”

You can read the letter here. In short, the observer used a government computer with access to voter data, transmitted information via his iPhone, and generally flouted the rules to do so.

Turns out the “Mike” who did this is Mike Roman — an NRSC affiliated lawyer who has been hired by the Murkowski campaign. The NRSC made a grand spectacle of pulling back its Chief Counsel from Alaska, but I’m told the NRSC arranged for Mike Roman to help Murkowski in this matter.

The job for the NRSC, RNC, and NRCC is to elect republicans in November. It's not to have coronations for their favorites in primaries. They need to stay the hell out of the primaries. Until they do this, donors should refuse to donate to them and put the money into their own candidates instead.

Let's look at the NRSC's recent history.

2005/2006 - They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative ads in the Rhode Island Senate race. True RINO and Obama/Kerry supporter Lincoln Chafee ran against True Moderate Steve Laffey in the primary. The NRSC spent hundreds of thousands in negative ads against Laffey. Chafee won, and then lost in November to another leftist democrat.

2009 - They endorse Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist. Both are now party switchers as their fiscal liberalism did not coincide with their party's grass roots. They were unable to win their primaries to they are now running as democrats or quasi-democrats. Specter lost his democrat primary, and Crist will lose as a so called "independent." Good riddance to both of those clowns, but this is yet another reason the NRSC is worthless and wasting our money.

2010 - Now they got involved in yet another primary. Lisa Murkowski v Joe Miller. Murkowski is apparently defeated in Alaska, but NRSC lawyers are now working to change that. Since it's close, I don't fault Murkowski for lawyering up, but the NRSC should not be involved here. It's job is to try and retake the senate. Period.

I went in depth on this back in April on why the NRSC sucks.

I've long said that the biggest joke in American politics is the US Senate. That's true now more than ever with clowns like the NRSC, Reid, Levin, Stabenow, Feinstein, Durbin, Corker, Shelby, Dodd, McCain, Biden, Obama, and Leahy, all current or recent senators.

If the NRSC is unwilling to use its time effectively to get a Republican senate, its job, then individuals will have to do its job for them. That means picking the right individual candidates to support in US Senate races. While no Michigan races are up, there are several prominent races worthy of our support. In order, I'd back through a combination of pragmatism, chance to win, and ideology (not all perfect):

1. Pat Toomey - Pennsylvania (Pickup)
2. Marco Rubio - Florida (Defense)
3. Ken Buck - Colorado (Pickup)
4. John Raese - West Virginia (Pickup)
5. Dino Rossi - Washington State (Pickup)
6. John Boozman - Arkansas (Pickup)
7. Winner of Wisconsin Primary (Pickup)
8. Winner of New Hampshire Primary (Defense)
9. Rob Portman - Ohio (Defense)
9. Sharron Angle - Nevada (Pickup)
10. Dan Coates - Indiana (Pickup)
11. Rand Paul - Kentucky (Defense)
12 Linda McMahon - Connecticut (Pickup)

There's no way I could send a dime to Carly Fiorina, Mark Kirk, or Mike Castle even if I was a millionaire because in most years, I could not even vote for them, but those are competitive races, and their committee votes matter and this year would be an exception on that rule. Adding those three would be 12 pickups. I didn't add John Hoeven in North Dakota who is likely to replace Byron Dorgan. That's another pickup, which would be 13. That would give the GOP 54 seats. Do I expect that many wins. No. It would take 10 to pickup the Senate. Do I expect that? No. I expect 52-48 Dem after this race, but I hope I'm wrong. Colorado, Nevada, and Kentucky got tougher after the primary winners there.

If I had to pick two, Toomey and Rubio. Those are two of the most competitive races, along with the two that will piss off the DC establishment the most. Toomey and Rubio got screwed by them, and they will remember.

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