Friday, August 20, 2010

To all the Secretary of State campaign camps - Cut the bullshit

I'm still undecided on the Secretary of State campaign. I am less and less likely to support some candidates based on some of these emails I've been receiving lately from "friends of program" with names like "Trucker Randy Butler" and "Fellow Conservative." These emails aren't telling me what their candidates are going to do, but tell me how bad so and so sucks, and are not even using good arguments.

The enemy is Jocelyn Benson, an ACORN supporting, George Soros "Secretary of State Project" supported, "Vote protection"(who thinks vote fraud is a myth) supported, SEIU supported, Goldman Sachs supported, candidate for the democrats.

The enemy isn't Paul Scott, Ruth Johnson, Cameron Brown, Anne Norlander, or Michelle McManus. The enemy is ACORN, SEIU, vote fraud, and Benson. If we get a Jennifer Brunner or Mark Ritchie clone (other Sec of State Project winners) then good luck winning anything in the future. If I had to pick between a gubernatorial win or a secretary of state win this year, I'll take the Secretary of State win. It is that big of a deal with elections administration.

If you want my support, tell me how you plan to stop or reduce vote fraud and potential vote fraud. That's what I want to see happen.

Stop Vote Fraud. Anyone but Benson.


Sen. Cameron S. Brown said...

I applaud your comments and hope our fellow delegates reject these kinds of attacks against fellow Republicans. Jocelyn Benson represents a real threat to the integrity of Michigan's elections process. Every attack waged by Republicans against Republicans increases the chances of her prevailing in November. Please keep up the good work. - Cameron

Communications guru said...

What pure bullshit. The evil ACORN and George Soros. ACORN is dead because it was killed by a dishonest right-wing attack dog using fraud. ACORN is hated because they help empower poor people. The self-made millionaire and humanitarian George Soro’s crime is he contributes to Democrats.

We need an honest and knowledgeable SOS like Jocelyn Benson who will actually encourage people to vote, unlike Senate Republicans like Brown and McManus.

Dan said...

Welcome to the board Cameron, and I do applaud your camp (from what I've seen and heard) not getting into the gutter.

I was leaning one way, but I think some of the major attacks are coming from that camp. I don't know for a fact, so I'm not dropping the name.

If I find out for a fact that a camp is behind this, it will cost them a chance at my vote at convention. Issues and votes are fair game. Family is not. Anonymous attacks are not.

Good luck in the race, and hopefully things die down a bit here.

Dan said...

Kevin, Soros is a convicted criminal. Insider Trading. That's a fact.

Some "humanitarian".

Communications guru said...

That is correct, humanitarian. Certainly more than scum miner and Republican sugar daddy Richard Mellon Scaife.
George Soros has done more to fight communism than any Republican I can think of.
Insider trading from a French court under appeal is a crime in your book? What does that make Bush buddy Kenny Boy Lay?

I noticed you couldn’t defend your false smear of ACORN. Does that mean you will stop using that talking point?

Jason Gillman said...

Hey Kevin, you never actually described what fraud was committed against ACORN, so there's absolutely nothing for him to defend.

Communications guru said...

Are you just playing dumb? Remember Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe’s pimp scam?