Friday, October 08, 2010

Dingell trailing in new poll

As I said earlier, I'll believe it when I see it, but Dingell is trailing 44-40 in this new poll by Rossman. It's generally a 60% Democrat district, so I'll be shocked if Dingell loses, but if Dingell is trailing in a district with Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Romulus, and Inkster in it, what does that say about the state of the dems in Michigan? I'd like to see a poll of the Kildee-Kupiec race and Levin-Volaric race as well, both of which have similar percentages of democrats as this Dingell district.

Dr. Rob Steele may have a shot at this, especially with Snyder on the ballot. I'm not a big Snyder guy, but he is from Dingell's district and will do better than most republicans in Washtenaw County.


Daniel said...

I think the first sentence should say Dingell is trailing 44-40 not 44-30. Still, that is an amazing result. I'm surprised anyone even thought to poll that district in the first place. Rossman also had a poll out last month that had Rocky ahead of Peters by 4 and that is the only poll I've seen in the 9th. Rocky has good shot at winning. I still think Republican donors and strategists should concentrate their efforts on the 9th for now.

Dan said...


I think Rocky's race is winnable. Too many are scared off by Peters and his money, but Rocky's won three times in a democrat state rep district, once against their best possible candidate in Aldo Vagnozzi.

Unknown said...

Dingell is the perfect example for term limits.
He has been in the beltway to long and is out of touch with the real issues.

lomelindi said...

Completely off topic. But so you know where I can get information on the sixth circuit court race? I am clueless as to whom to choose!

Thanks, Kathy

Dan said...

From what I can tell from the candidate listing, 6th Circuit is uncontested. I assume you mean the Circuit Court, 6th district (Oakland County).

A list of candidates on the state level are here. That includes Supreme Court, Appeals Court, Circuit Court, and District Court.

I know some judicial races, but not that one.

lomelindi said...

Thanks, I am new to MI and am a bit unsure of what's what.
Your blog is the first local blog I bookmarked when I moved here.I really enjoy your writing.

Communications guru said...

The only real independent poll by WDIV and the Detroit News has the Congressman up by 19 points, and that’s about right. This poll was an automated one in which respondents self identify their partisan affiliation conducted by a PR firm, not a polling firm. The survey grossly under sampled Democrats in what is a 65 percent Democratic district where Republican presidential candidate John McCain drew just 33 percent of the vote in 2008.

As for term limits; I agree with the Founding Fathers. On his worst day, Dingell knows more about the issues than Steele ever will.