Monday, October 25, 2010

The jockeying for party leadership positions has begun

I'm seeing blogs pop out right now as well as emails and other propaganda out there from individuals with an interest in party leadership control and positions. One on the state level and one on the local level. I'm aware of it, and I will address this after November 2nd, and I am concerned about two individuals running to the point of bringing some inside baseball out into the open, which normally is not done on this blog. I'll name them when it is time. Now is not it.

Right now. it's too early for this. Right now, there's still an election eight days away. We need to concentrate on making sure good people are elected then, more than who and how the party is controlled, which happens after the election. Those positions are very important, but worry about them when it is time - After November 2nd.


Communications guru said...

Talk about an inflated ego. “I’m aware of it, and I will address this after November 2?”

I can’t wait for this alleged “inside baseball.” Richardville will be the next Bishop, and who really cares who will be the minority leader in the House?

Dan said...

I wasn't referring to House and Senate leadership, but party leadership.

Communications guru said...

Your point? Like I said, Talk about an inflated ego.