Friday, October 29, 2010

Latest on MEA and 8-D Coordinating Council related shenanigans

In my last piece, I wrote about MEA being up to its illegal tricks. There's more evidence of illegalities.

Here's the newsletter from the BEA, Brighton's MEA branch. They discussed the PAC they formed here, and have admitted to raising money for the PAC. However, they did not register this PAC with either the County Clerk or the State of Michigan. They also failed to file any pre-general reports, as there isn't even a Statement of Organization. They certainly had enough to do a massive mailing of deceit.

A special thanks goes out to Barry Goode and the MEA's newsletter discussing the PAC. It made things easy when it came to turning your arses into the state. I attached those PAC pages, along with other evidence and sent it to Lansing for official filing.

I talked to a couple people in Howell Schools today, and I'm waiting for a scanned copy of their card. Unlike the Brighton mailing, this was a typical "support candidate x" piece from the MEA. It also has a disclaimer of paid for by MEA PAC (although with the wrong address for their PAC - as their PAC is from East Lansing). The address the MEA used was 3399 E Grand River Suite 203.....their branch office. That's the same office as the "8-D Coordinating Council" which sent the deceitful BS about John Conely.

If you're tired of the MEA and their cronies setting bad examples for our teachers with their illegalities, vote for John Conely in Brighton, or Mike Moloney, and Doug Moore if you're in the Howell School District.


Communications guru said...

I have a copy of the post card, and it is perfectly legal. It just confirmed who I was going to vote for. At least you know your complaint will be looked at because it involves working people, and Republicans hate working people and the SOS only goes after Democrats and their supporters. But it will go nowhere.

Why would anyone vote for someone dishonest and anti-public school as Conely?

So when are you gong to retract your debunked claim about voter fraud in Arizona, or are you as dishonest as Conely and the Livingston Republicans?

Dan said...

There's nothing legal about that. That's a baldfaced lie by an individual, you, who has a history of lying. The simply fact is that there is no 8-d Coordinating Council PAC registered with either the county or the state. Period.

I stand by the Arizona post. It's legit, unlike your bald faced lies about the LCGOP regarding school board races which is a bald faced lie.

Then again, you have a history of making crap up going back to your days at the Argus.