Thursday, October 21, 2010

Michigan GOP catches proof of forgery with BS Tea Party

Remember when they tried to get the BSTP on the ballot? MI GOP hired a forensic to confirm what we already knew.From State Party

Lansing, MI — U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller (MI-10) and Michigan Republican Party General Counsel Eric Doster released a report Wednesday from Speckin Forensic Laboratories providing further proof that at least some of the signatures by the Steffek fake tea party were forgeries “to a high degree of probability.” MRP calls on Jocelyn Benson to disclose what she knows about the Steffek fake tea party and her former employee’s involvement with it.
“As someone who had the honor to serve the people of Michigan for eight years as Secretary of State I understand well that one of the primary Constitutional responsibilities of the Secretary is to guarantee to the people of Michigan the integrity of our elections system,” said Congresswoman Miller. “The fact that someone running to be Michigan’s Chief Elections Officer would employ people who would participate in practices designed only to deceive and defraud Michigan voters is very troubling.
“This report provides further proof of something we all suspected—deceptive practices were used in the Steffek fake tea party scandal. Voters deserve to know what Professor Benson knew about or if she approved of the actions of her supporters and former staffer,” Miller said.

What does Jennifer Brunner clone Jocelyn Benson  have to do with this? Mike McGuinness was her Director of Operations. Now Benson wants to run elections, and for all we know, could put McGuinness in the department of elections. No thanks.

On the other hand, it was Ruth Johnson, Oakland County Clerk, who discovered this scam with McGuinness and the BSTP.  One candidate goes after corruption. The other supports election shenanigans like her mentor, Brunner.

Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State.

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