Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Boards. John Conely, Doug Moore, and Mike Moloney are the best picks

One overlooked race in the general election is the school board races. These are downticket and overshadowed by the gubernatorial races. There are some good picks for the Brighton and Howell school board positions which are up for election this year.

For Howell - Doug Moore (endorsed in past from Concerned Taxpayers Group) and Mike Moloney. I'm confident they will do a good job there.

For Brighton - John Conely. With the previous mismanagement the last few years, it's just starting to rebuilt. Conely would be a great replacement for Powers, and can help restore fiscal sanity to the district where I went to school.

Regarding Howell, I had this forwarded to me from a current Howell resident. I knew Moore from back when I was with Concerned Taxpayers Group, and I've met Moloney at a GOP meeting.


The Howell school board election is really about whether the teacher
union takes over the school board as they did in Brighton 5 years ago.
Then, Brighton teachers managed to elect Joe Carney and others to
control the school board and, against the wishes of the administration
(superintendent), they approved a teacher union contract that Brighton
couldn't afford. Over 4 years, Brighton went from having a $4 million
rainy day fund to an almost $10 million deficit. They're operating
under a state ordered deficit elimination plan.

To repair the financial damage, Brighton has closed two schools,
increased class sizes and decimated their non-teacher staff. They've
lost almost 10% of enrollment or about 600 kids in 3 years.

The Howell Education Association has the same plans for Howell School District.

In Howell, the district finances have been handled well for the past 4
years and they have a strong financial position. The teachers union
wants to take control of the board by adding to the one person already
there. That's so that the teacher contract negotiations in 2011 will
go their way and they can lock in a long-term agreement that takes
every penny possible from the district. Per the HEA and the MEA, there
is no good reason for a school district to have a funds balance.

With that in mind, we should at least be aware of who the different
candidates are;

Teacher Union Endorsees

Mike Yenshaw
Jan Lobur
Marcus Wilcox

Other Liberals;

Mike & Kim Witt - Kim's sister is a teacher in Howell Public Schools.
Just like Joe Carney in Brighton, it's unlikely Kim or Mike would be
on the side of the district in the teacher union contract negotiations
in 2011. In fact, many teachers and administrators are supporting the
Witts despite the endorsements of Wilcox and Lobur.

Jim Pratt is another liberal though he didn't get the teacher
endorsement and doesn't appear to have much support from the employees
of the district.

Jason Raines - unknown

Pat Howle - well known in the school community,

Mike Moloney - endorsed by the livingston county gop - has taken the
no tax pledge, sees fiscal stability as the platform to build the

Doug Moore - endorsed by livingston county gop - ran before - endorsed
by concerned taxpayers PAC...etc


Communications guru said...

Thanks, now I know who to vote for, or better yet, who not to vote for on the Howell school board. I still have no idea why the Republican Party is endorsing in a nonpartisan race, but it just makes my vote easier.

It’s not surprising that you would endorse an anti-public school guy like Conely who violates campaign finance law.

Dan said...

Kevin, where exactly is the so called campaign finance violation from 2008? It did not, and does not exist.

Communications guru said...

Stop playing dumb.

Just because the partisan SOS refuses to press any violations by Republicans does not mean its not a violation.