Friday, November 19, 2010

LCGOP picks executive committee

Last night, the precinct delegates picked our county party's executive committee. It was as fair of a process as there can be. Straight up ballots, and vote for 18 people.

It was a good committee that was chosen. Fortunately 18 good people ran and were chosen. Unfortunately there were more than 18 good people running for 18 spots. I had a much tougher decision that I thought I would have and a lot of good people did not get on the committee. My advice to them is to stay active and wait for some not to show up to meetings and get appointed. I first got on the committee through an appointment to a vacancy. I can't complain because those who got on deserved it through their hard work. It was a merit system. Not everyone who deserved a spot got, but those who got on deserved a spot. There was a lot of new blood, but I hope the new blood doesn't try and reinvent what was done the last three years. Take the positive from it and built on it.

The few people I was against lost and I believe had a handful of votes at best. These individuals were previously disruptive at previous events and at the same time have not been active in county party at the same time they were disruptive.

Good luck to the committee. 2012 preparation starts already. Besides the presidency, we have a Stabenow finally up again, Congress, state house, county commission, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, and all of the township offices. Redistricting also impacts all of the district level seats. State Senator, State Representative, and County Commissioners.

At the convention, current 8th District chair Allan Filip announced he's running again. He has my support, as do most of the incumbents if they run again (I'm also running). The 8th District Committee started basically from almost scratch outside of the titles. Before the current term, we were mostly a procedures committee for conventional purposes (at least since Mike Rogers first took office). Under the current committee leadership, the 8th district Committee:

1. Now has regular meetings instead of once every year or two years.
2. Enacted bylaws. The old committee either didn't have them.
3. Created the infrastructure to raise money legally for all levels of government under the campaign finance rules. Previously, it was only federal.
4. Raised some money. We still have a lot of work to do there, but it's an improvement.
5. Assisted the local parties within the district in targeted areas. While some of those pickups would have happened without our help, we didn't hurt the effort.
6. Networked strategies for the county parties to find out what we're doing and what we can improve.

This was all in basically 18 months. The foundation is being built and it's now time for our committee to take the next step, and I think keeping our current committee is the best way for that to happen.

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