Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Now we need to make sure the GOP has good leadership

I'll get to the detailed results later except to say that the GOP had a big win. It looks as if there is a clean sweep statewide. County, state house (I think, I need to double check), state senate, Governor, AG, Secretary of State, and a conservative Supreme Court.

Due to the arrogance and fubars from 06 through 08, the voters gave us a gift, just as Obama was given a gift in 2008. Obama is a dumbass and blew his chance. The GOP were dumbasses and blew it from 02-06. Don't blow it. Don't cave to beltway interests and sell out. Big Government Conservatism is dead and has been repudiated as much as Obama leftism has been. Conservatives, independents, and liberals alike don't want the same old schiese. We need to stay involved and hold our new reps feet to the fire. That means calling them, writing them, talking to them, and getting party leaders that will remind them who is in charge. Us. The people.

Those that do good work need to be rewarded. Those that don't need to be fired in August.

I've long said that politics is a marathon and not a sprint. That's true. We need to make sure our reps have their feet held to the fire when it comes to their voting decisions. Republicans that act like democrats, especially on fiscal issues, lose power quickly. The GOP can not be like Bush and Congress from 2002-2006. No more TARPS. No more AIGS. No more No Child Left Behind. No more Prescription Drugs boondoggles. Those were bipartisan pieces of crap.

It's also time to make sure the GOP has good leadership. Some of this we can control, and some of this we can't. We can't control much who the house and senate pick for leadership, both federally and state. All we can do is call our GOP reps and ask them to pick the right people for leadership. The rest of the legislative leadership is outside of our control. John Proos and Randy Richardville are jockeying for leadership in the state senate. I have some concerns about Richardville on fiscal matters. He's great for populist Monroe County and its labor history, but is he fiscally right for leadership?

The Republican Party Leadership is within our control. There's a County Convention coming up the 18th. This convention is where party leadership and the next executive committee will be chosen. I have a vote here as do all seated precinct delegates.

Unfortunately, Mike Murphy is stepping down as Livingston County Republican Party Chair. He promised one term, and that's what he gave. He did a good job there and if he changes his mind, he has my support. He did not have a big personal agenda and did not play games. He inherited a tough administrative related issue, and brokered a good agreement early on before it gave us headaches. We all made a few calls and resolved the issue before it became a big problem. Murph gave everyone a fair shake regardless of title, but was no pushover either (by factions or by Lansing). Meetings were usually on track and on time. There was generally good planning and good budgeting. He left it in better shape than when he took over. I expect the same from the next county party leadership.

County Party Leadership is chosen by the executive committee. The executive committee is chosen by precinct delegates which were seated at the previous convention or earlier (elected in primary). That is why the precinct delegate races are so important. Precinct delegates choose the at large county party executive committee members (statutory members are county commissioners, state reps, state senator, sheriff, prosecutor, treasurer, clerk, and register of deeds). The executive committee that is elected chooses its officers.

After this county convention, there will be another convention in the future. This one is for District and State Party leadership. Precinct delegates will choose state delegates, which will caucus with District and will choose the leadership for the district committee and leadership, state committee (underrated, but with the most power), and state party officers.

The current 8th district committee has done a very good job in a limited amount of time. It was dormant for about ten years. During the entire time I've been active, the 8th District Committee was nothing more than a convention procedures committee. That changed under the new leadership. We organized, planned strategy, raised some money, and helped the counties in our jurisdiction without being micro-managers. I will be running for re-appointment for the 8th district committee. I will be supporting incumbents for the committee leadership in the 8th District committee due to its excellent transition from a pure convention procedures committee to an actual political party committee. I think we've earned it, but that's not for me to decide.

There's already rumors about potential candidates running for State Chair. Traditionally, the governor picks the state chair. If he does, he needs to make sure it's a good choice which will be accepted by the grassroots. Snyder may stay neutral (which would not surprise me) as well and that is probably the safest position for him. I think a lot of the establishment is going to push a real big name to try and quell a floor fight. In the past, that would work. Today, I'm not sure. Right now, I'm undecided and am waiting for any official announcements before I make a decision. Another big position is RNC Committeeman/Committeewoman. The RNC Committeeman/Committeewoman are two votes towards the next RNC chair. That's another big deal with ramifications.

This is the beginning, and not the end.


Unknown said...

Snyder ran as a moderate-independent on the Republican ticket, he never discussed his core values, and he carefully avoided taking positions on issues.

He will soon have to reveal his plans and my guess is he will spend a lot of time clashing with the Republican controlled legislature.

I expect the next two years to be politically interesting at both the state and national level.

Angie said...

Nice post - very helpful. My husband is an elected precinct delegate in '08.