Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Leadership Races

This week we (precinct delegates) will be selecting the next executive committee for our county party. The executive committee will be picking the officers. I'm not running for county party because of time constraints. I have too many irons in the fire right now and basically can only be a vote and title right now for county. Someone else can do a better job, and I don't need an important sounding title.

There won't be a slate. The process is 18 votes for the at large positions. It will be a straight up ballot vote selecting the paid party members. That's it. Some people I'll actively support. Some I'll actively oppose. Some I'll stay neutral. I'll post more on that this week. Lana Theis, Brighton Township Treasurer, is running for county chair. Mike Murphy is stepping down as chair by his own choice. Lana has my support.

Some time after that, there will be another convention to select delegates to state convention. This is for the state and district committee leadership. For the 8th District (of which I am a committee member), I support our incumbents if they run again. I don't usually make blanket endorsements, but we're a good team. It's a good committee going in the right direction after starting from scratch. It has been dormant for years outside of its role as a convention. Now it's an actual political party. The big race at the next state convention however is state chair, and there's an interesting tidbit from Saul Anuzis.

Snyder To Weigh In On MRP Chair Race

MIRS reports: “For those of you who felt the incoming governor would sit on the sidelines and watch the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) select a new chairperson, think again.

There are strong indications that Gov.-elect Rick SNYDER will voice his “personal choice” to replace outgoing Chair Ron WEISER and it may come sooner than later…

…Snyder wants someone to be a “partner” in his legislative efforts and his personal review of all of the candidates is now underway and “he will make his personal preference known.”

Multiple sources have laid out the field of candidates to include Secretary of State Terri Lynn LAND, MRP Finance Chair Robert “Bobby” SCHOSTAK and MRP Coalitions Vice Chair ScottGREENLEE ”

I think this is a good idea. He is our Governor, our leader and will set to tone and direction our state will take over the next 8 years. He needs to have a team around him he can count on and work with.

I’m looking forward to hearing from him.

I'm also looking forward to hearing from him, but I'm not going to vote necessarily for - or against - his pick. Who Snyder picks has no bearing on who I support. I know the tradition is for the governor to pick his guy. That goes back to the Engler years and he for the most part controlled the party. If Snyder's pick is best, I will support that pick. If someone else is better, that's who I'll support. I'm nobody's yesman.

This will be a good first test for Snyder. He'll need to pick someone electable by the state delegates selected by the county conventions. I'm still learning more about the candidates before I make my choice. I hope Snyder does due diligence and picks the right person for the job.

Speaking of Saul, he's running for RNC Chair and has my endorsement for what that's worth (I can't vote for RNC chair, only committeeman). I think he'll do well if he has good fundraisers (right now there isn't at RNC) and strategists (not as bad as Steele's rep and not nearly as bad as NRSC, but could be better) working for him. Saul's an ace at communications, and that's an area lacking right now from party. He does well on TV and knows how to use the internet. Saul earned my respect by circling the wagons on the Granholm tax increases. We didn't have the votes, but he prevents a worse cave than their was by the GOP. Saul's not afraid to hold someone's feet to the fire and took a lot of heat from the insiders for doing so. Good luck to Saul in his race.

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