Thursday, April 07, 2011

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson visits Michigan

The 2012 rounds are being made. Gary Johnson was at MSU recently, and it wasn't his first trip to Michigan.

From the State News

Potential 2012 presidential hopeful Gary Johnson was at MSU on Thursday evening to share his views on key issues with students.

Johnson opened his discussion by recounting his experiences as a young entrepreneur in Albuquerque, N.M.

In the mid 1990s, Johnson approached the Republican Party of New Mexico for the state’s gubernatorial nomination and was told he had little to no chance of earning the nod. He went on to win both the Republican primary and the 1994 general election. He served until 2003.

In his talk, Johnson highlighted many of his political stances, including his belief that marijuana should be legalized and taxed.

He also spoke about reining in federal spending and balancing the federal budget, something lawmakers have yet to do for the current fiscal year.

“I’m advocating we balance the budget tomorrow,” he said. “That means reducing $1.6 trillion in government spending.”

Johnson said to reduce federal spending and eliminate the deficit, certain programs may need to be reexamined.

“You have to think some areas of the federal government should be eliminated entirely.” he said.

Following the speaking session, Johnson declined to make remarks regarding his political future, instead saying he plans to focus on potential solutions to issues affecting the U.S.

I first heard Gary Johnson speak last year at a Republican Liberty Caucus event last year. He's one of the likely candidates for 2012. I'm undecided, but "Governor Veto" is someone I'm considering right now along with Mitch Daniels, Hayley Barbour, and Tim Pawlenty. I've all but ruled out most of the rest of the names thrown out there for various reasons unless these four are out.

The main reason I haven't endorsed Johnson is that I have one big hangup, and that's his stance on abortion. The reason I haven't eliminated Johnson despite that is because on budget issues, he is that good. When GOP leaders are pushing for 2008 levels in spending, I'm saying that's not good enough. 2008 levels absolutely suck on the level of Darryl Rogers Lions, compared to Obama's budgets which suck on the level of the Matt Millen Lions. On budgets, Johnson's on the level of the 72 Dolphins. Right now, that is what we need.

I wish I could have made it out to MSU for his speech. I have one major question for him. It's one for all the candidates. Which types of judges would you support? If Johnson supports strict constitutionalist judges which would overturn Doe v Bolton, Planned Parenthood v Casey, and Roe v Wade, I could support him.

At worst, Johnson should definitely be in the debates. He will bring issues to the table that will give many Republicans headaches, but at the same time will give the nominee a test needed because Boss Obama and the Chicago Machine and their media allies will have billions behind his re-election campaign. Our candidates must be ready to street fight the celebrity in the White House.

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