Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why does the War on Drugs bring out the worst in our reps?

I don't know Matt Lori. I know of him and know a lot of people who know him. By all accounts I've heard, he's a good guy, and normally conservative. However, this is a real bad idea, one that I'd frankly expect as a part of Obamacare. I don't know what it is about the War on (some) Drugs that brings out the worst in normally good people. I think it's usually due to police lobbies or in some cases, ex cops themselves. If there is one issue that brings out "big government conservatism" it is this. Liberals are also big government on this issue, but they are usually consistent on big government.

As I feel like I have to do every time I post a War on Drugs thread, I don't use them. Drugs, especially hard drugs like meth, are bad. I know this. We all know this. Everybody reading this who doesn't live under a rock knows someone who has been affected by drugs, or know someone who knows someone who has. They affect every corner of the US. They are illegal. They are still used all the time despite being illegal.We give up much of our freedoms, especially the fourth amendment, due to the War on Drugs. Yet, drugs are still used.

The latest is this. Matt Lori wants to require a prescription for some cold medications. Pseudoephedrine aka Sudafed or Actifed. From the Kalamazoo Gazette

State Rep. Matt Lori, R-Constantine, said he has begun work on a law that would make many over-the-counter cold and allergy medications available by prescription only.

It's a move other states have used to curtail methamphetamine manufacturing and the criminal activity associated with do-it-yourself "meth labs."

Lori, a former St. Joseph County sheriff, said he was prompted to seek the change because he is fed up with the massive cost to taxpayers methamphetamine has brought to Michigan.

So because some people make meth, I'm going to have to pay for a doctor's visit when my allergies kick up in the spring (still winter here in Michigan) and pay extra for Actifed that I can get for about $5. That or go to Indiana and Ohio. That's a waste of time, money, and takes away doctor time from those who really need it. I shouldn't have to go to the doctor, when I do about once every two years if that, for allergies. We talk about rising health care costs as an issue, and this is part of it. Too many regulations, like this.

Oh yeah, Indiana and Ohio. Kalamazoo County has a meth problem, much like much of the state. Kalamazoo County is about an hour or so from South Bend. That's in Indiana. I'm a little over an hour from Toledo here. Do you think the drug pushers are going to follow this law? They'll find away around it by going out of state or elsewhere. Besides this, how often do prescription drugs get abused? Vicotin. Oxycotton.

This is another overreach of big government, and the war on drugs is usually the culprit. We do not need this here. Making Actifed a controlled substance will not stop meth manufacturing, the same way criminalizing pot does not stop marijuana smoking.

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