Friday, June 17, 2011

Proposed Redistricting Maps released

Congressional Plan from the Michigan State Senate.

State Senate proposed plan also from the State Senate.

Proposed House plan from the Michigan State House

I haven't gone through the numbers yet and those will be updates on the side bar over the next 18 months. I'll start with Congress and move down.

I have some initial impressions, but I'll wait until I run the numbers before I call it good/bad in between. A couple got tossed to the wolves, but others with no business winning last time (on paper) won and were protected. Sometimes a choice needs to be made between protecting one and dropping another, or protect none and risk winning or losing both seats. I do think at least at first glance, these maps are much better than the last ones. We got damn lucky twice with the senate in 02 and 06. Bob Emerson actually liked the old senate map. I thought the old house maps through were good at the time and we did lose that. That shows how much I know.

For now, I'll post the maps and I'll run the numbers as they go in. I expect the final maps to mirror or come very close to mirroring the proposed maps.

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