Friday, June 03, 2011

Romney makes it offical. He also won't get my vote

After Rick Snyder's tax increase, my tolerance for corporate liberal republicans is getting less and less. Enter Mitt Romney version 3.0 (or is it 4.0). He couldn't even beat John McCain in 2008, and now he thinks he's the electable guy? The pundits and much of the establishment thinks he's the electable one, and that we should get behind him.

"Romney is the guy to beat," said Mark McKinnon, a campaign strategist for former President George W. Bush. "He's been around the track before. He's got money, a focused message on the economy and a well-oiled machine. But his perch is very fragile, and he's vulnerable. He's the establishment guy in an anti-establishment environment."

Mark McKinnon. Refused to attack Obama with the McCain campaign because he thought an Obama election "would send a great message to the country and the world." I don't trust him.

Former GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie says leading Republicans, some of whom have urged more candidates to get in the race, increasingly are ready to choose among those who have already jumped in.

"After the Haley-Huckabee-Daniels' decisions, I think the mentality of most Republican donors and activists is, 'We need to get behind somebody who's out there.' "

That's why we have primaries. That's why we have the Ames straw poll before that. That's why we have the speeches at the Mackinac Conference in the fall. Everybody was waiting on Fred Thompson who was supposed to be the alternative to the so called front runners derisively nicknamed "Rudy McRomney" (and add Huckabee on fiscal) due to their liberal views. Thompson crashed and burned at his speech from what I have heard there, and that ended it.

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, in some campaigns a kingmaker in the Granite State, was in the crowd but not necessarily as a supporter. He said he hasn't decided between endorsing Romney and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

If I had to choose between Romney and Pawlenty, I'm voting Pawlenty. If others take off, I'll look at them as well. Right now, I'm almost already in the Stop Romney mode. He's unelectable. I repeat. He's unelectable. Why is he unelectable?

A. Social issue problems. Flip-flopped on abortion and many other issues. Neither side trusts him. Is he going to yap about "I'm conservative too. I oppose gay marriage" all the time? I was at that Mackinac speech and it was rather insulting to my intelligence.

B. Fiscal conservatives won't like Obamacare.

C. Gun grabber. That's one of the few issues where his actions are consistent. Consistently bad.

D. He tied his dog to the roof of his car and drove 12 hours. I'm not a animal rights guy, but that's just wrong. You don't do that to your best friend, or any live animal. Even worse, it's an Irish setter. That's often a hunting dog. If you think Sarah Palin's predator control of wolves pissed off a lot of suburban women, this is going to piss off 90% of the dog owners when this makes the rounds.

No 2008 retreads.


Chris said...

I like Herman Cain.

Downtown Brown said...

Michi_gander. Your assessment on Romney will require some modification. I know you didn't watch the NH debate. and I am Linking my Blog commentary here for you and your readers. I realize Livingston County is a Red meat bubble in an otherwise slightly left leaning state. I'm from Michigan and have lots of roots in Livingston County. Fowlerville, Howell, and Hartland to name a few. I currently live in SE Wisconsin and my County and state are very much a microcosm of The Country at large. (Paul Ryan is my Congressman). Most of My TEA Party compadre's would agree with you they are either Ron Paul-ittes on the one side and then split between Cain and Bachmann on the other side. (A few are holding out for Palin..but she can't win. In one of your posts you stated that Romney can't win..untrue! Right now the GOP vs. Obama he's losing 44/39% but so far only ONE candidate by name can beat Obama and that is Mitt. Now you may find he's too much of a RINO..and others say the same thing but if you look in just the past few weeks as the Trump, Daniels, Newt's crash, Huckabee, and Palin's unlikely jump in..Romney is going to be the Guy. You can try to be a purist..and sit on the sidelines and gripe about not having any control and the whole system sucks.. Or you elect the best person closests to your ideal. McCain, Dole etc. (BTW Romney lost because McCain was the "next guy in line". The GOP almost always runs the Next..and wins 63% of the time since 1860/ 1968/ or 1980.

Dan said...

Smithwicks. Good taste in beer. I haven't had that one in a long time.

While I am in Livingston County, I've at different times worked and commuted in the blue zones of Ingham and Washtenaw Counties, as well as swing areas of Shiawassee, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. I've done other campaign work all over the state, although I am less familiar with West Michigan than I am Southeast and North Michigan.

Right now I'm undecided. I agree that Palin can't win, but the issue with Romney isn't his "RINO"ism as much as his chameleonism. People don't trust him. I know what the polls say now but a lot of that is current name recognition. Mitt has problems closing the deal. It was set up for him in 08. He was the insiders guy (not McCain - at least here), and couldn't pull it off. He reminds me of John Kerry except that Mitt's not anti-American, nor a senator.

Right now, I think the most electable is actually Huntsman. I have some issues with him as well (global warming - I can overlook the gay stuff). Huntsman has been consistent on 2a issues though, while Romney talks pro (now) and votes 100% anti.

I'm undecided and probably won't decide until at least after the Mackinac Conference. Others may jump in, or someone else may take off. We'll see. Ames will start narrowing this some.