Sunday, July 03, 2011

Howell Mayoral Race

It's an odd number year, but that does not mean there aren't elections. Many municipalities have November elections.

One race that is starting to heat up some is the Howell mayor race. Phillip Campbell is challenging incumbent Gerri Moen. Campbell has a blog up and it goes much more into detail than most political campaign websites. Campbell is a conservative, while Moen is a Planned Parenthood donor.

The biggest issue there by far is the streetscapes project. This is funded by a property tax increase. The major controversies are the traffic circles, narrow streets/parking reduction which affected balloonfest, and potential roundabouts at Grand River/Michigan Ave.

I don't live in Howell anymore, but Campbell would get my support if I still did. Local elections usually do not have a lot of turnout or a lot of hype. It takes more of an effort to find out where candidates, especially non-incumbents, stand on the issues in the local elections.

Most interaction of individuals with governments are on the local level, either County, Township, City, or School district. For all the hype with national elections, it is at the local level where we make the most impact.


Communications guru said...

The arrogance of the Republican Party in this county never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, nonpartisan means nothing to people like you. I had every intention of voting for Gerri Moen because she has done a great job, but now I have a good reason to get my neighbors out to vote.
“Moen is a Planned Parenthood donor?” What the hell does that mean, other than she cares about the health of low income women?
Wow, I’m shocked; property taxes pay for roads? A property tax increase?

The traffic circles are great; I wish they had them closer to my street. The traffic circles affected Balloonfest? You pulled that lie out of your butt. Simply not true.

Ryan said...

The traffic circles design road thingies are garbage...a big waste of $$$. They congest the roads and school buses can hardly manage them. In fact two school buses cannot even pass each other simultaneously now at the intersections because the curbs are further out into the street.

They don't even look cool, and the designing wasn't even done by a Michigander.

Epic fail. It didn't need to be done.