Sunday, July 31, 2011

Local updates. Green Oak has millage. Hamburg Twp Settles.

Two local updates. First off, Green Oak Township will be having a millage August 2nd over police and fire coverage.

Also, Hamburg's antics from a couple of years back just cost them $50,000 in a settlement.

From the Argus

Ex-Hamburg Township Deputy Clerk Mike Zeglevski's lawsuit in U.S. District Court against his former employer is over.

Parties agreed to a $50,000 out-of-court settlement awarded to Zeglevski, which will be paid by the township's insurance carrier, the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority.

In the settlement, there was not an admission of guilt by either party.

"I'm very, very happy with the settlement and feel completely vindicated," Zeglevski said.

Dennis Gabrian, Zeglevski's attorney, said he was "satisfied with the settlement."

This whole thing was stupid. No, not the settlement itself, since I think that Mike Z would have won rather easily (and rightly so) from what I have heard about it. What was stupid is the board antics in the first place causing this and wasting taxpayer money. Everybody knew that there was little love lost between the board, Mike Z, and his boss Matt Skiba. Skiba was elected and appointed Mike Z as his deputy. The board didn't like that and wanted to drive both of them out, with salary games and other things. Their mouths and gamesmenship got them in trouble.

Skiba was run out 79%-21% in a recall election and replaced by Jim Neilson. Since the board wanted to get rid of both Skiba and Mike Z so badly, all that was needed to do from their standpoint is recall Skiba. Deputy clerks work for the clerk. If Skiba went, so did Mike Z unless Neilson was going to keep him on, which likely would not happen. If they kept their mouths shut about Mike Z, paid him a normal amount, and recalled Skiba like they were going to do anyway, this would not have happened.

Instead, these games are going to cost $50K of liability insurance, increased insurance rates, and as a result, more tax money. The only good thing about all of this right now from a county resident standpoint is that the hornet's nest in Hamburg right now is quiet. Hopefully it will stay quiet. We'll see.

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Flatus Maximus said...

The Hamburg Hornets Nest is stirring and abuzz with new controveries...the recent Zeglevski victory just closes one chapter of Boss Hohl's autocratic reign... I can't wait to from his Toadies, once again, how stupid the voters of Hamburg Township are.