Monday, July 04, 2011

State Senate Redistricting - District 4 (SD-04)

State Senate - District 4

Current Rep – Virgil Smith? (D-Detroit)

2010 Results - Old District
Virgil Smith - 42,722
Frederick Robinson - 1,241

Presidential results:
Well over 75% for both Kerry and Obama.

This district changes a bit. The old district was strictly in the City of Detroit. This district is now only 50-51% black and picks up part of Southwest Detroit, and downriver communities of Allen Park, Lincoln Park, and Southgate. It still favors Detroit democrats, but downriver democrats sometimes clash with Detroit democrats, and the primary could be interesting with the Southwest Detroit Mexicans making things interesting. I don't think Virgil Smith will have the same problems as Coleman Young Jr would have with his name. I've heard good things about Smith as a person from those who have worked with him.

Like most Wayne County districts, the primary is the big decision making election here.

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