Monday, July 04, 2011

State Senate Redistricting - District 5 (SD-05)

State Senate - District 5

Current Rep – Tupac Hunter? (D-Detroit)
Hunter is term limited out.

2010 Results - Old District
Tupac Hunter - 44,055
Bonnie Patrick - 8,856

Presidential results:
Well over 75% for both Kerry and Obama.

This district changes some. It picks up Redford and Garden City, reducing the black population to about 51%. It keeps Dearborn Heights and Inkster.

If this is Hunter's seat, it's going to be open. I don't know where in Detroit the reps there live. Hunter was able to win Dearborn Heights twice, so I didn't see a major burbs v Detroit clash against him. Redford will be the big change to the district, since there's a strong democrat machine factor there. It's changing demographics heavily, but the Andy Dillons are still there, and they may try and run somebody since most of the old 17th district is absorbed into this state senate district. About 1/2 of this new district is outside of Detroit. It may have a black majority, but part of that is due to Eastern Redford and Inkster.

This will be an interesting primary to follow, especially if it is an open seat without an incumbent. The general will be as it usually is in a Detroit based district.

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