Thursday, October 20, 2011

Local Developments

Over in the City of Howell mayoral race, my State Senator Joe Hune (who represents the area in the senate) endorsed challenger Phil Campbell. A lot of times in down ticket races, people ask me "Who is the conservative?" Interestingly, they ask about the "conservative", not the "republican." (the incumbent is neither) I know Joe's been asked that question several times from residents, as I have. Hence, Joe's endorsement. Campbell is the conservative running.

Campbell would get my vote if I still lived there. His positions on issues are available on his site, and he's opposed to a lot of the streetscape projects (and the tax increase to pay for them) that have wasted taxpayer funds. He also goes into details about other issues and the attitudes elected officials should have towards the voters.

Here in Green Oak Township, we have another millage election. I get a bit dismayed when local officials don't get the message from the public the first time and try again next election. I'm not impressed. I'm voting no for that reason alone. I was actually quite on the fence for one of the proposals last time, but not at all this time. No way. Don't take pages out of the Charles Breiner Howell Schools playbook. If you lose, don't ask right away again.

For Brighton Schools, I support Greg Rassell for one position and am undecided on the other. Minert is MEA/Barry Goode. I need to find more information on Nick Fiani and Bill Trombley to make a decision. I have a gut feeling on that race, but that's not good enough for me to say anything publicly yet.


Communications guru said...

Speaking of bullshit; that is exactly what Hune’s endorsement is about. A Republican state Senator has no business endorsing in a nonpartisan election in a municipality he does not live in. This is about revenge for the Mayor supporting his primary opponent.

Seriously? “A lot of times in down ticket races, people ask me "Who is the conservative?" Interestingly, they ask about the "conservative", not the "republican?” Now that is pure bullshit. The county republican party has made a mockery of another nonpartisan election.
I support the streetscape project, and there was no wasted money. The elected officials treat the voters just fine, and their attitudes are also just fine. I volunteer for a lot of community events, and I see Mayor Moen, Steve Manor and Dawn Cooper all the time. I have never seen this Campbell guy anywhere. Now, you may be familiar with him from the county GOP, but he has never done anything for the City of Howell.

I guess if you don’t want to vote for a millage in GOT, then disband the police and fire departments. Considering what a great job Chuck Breiner did, I’m happy my kids went there.

Spectacular Outdoors said...

From Communications guru's profile Kevin Shopshire is a Legislative Staffer, a former print journalist, a retired military NCO and a Liberal/progressive. Just to put his comments into context.