Tuesday, November 08, 2011

County Results and early Paul Scott results.

Some results are in.

Howell will be making some changes.
Phil Campbell - 669
Geri Moen - Incumbent - 499

Al Schlittler - quasi incumbent - 749
Doug Heins - 716
Steve Manor - incumbent - 615
Victoria Hertich - 454
Daria Devantier - 420

I'm not surprised by this. Joe Hune isn't as popular in the City of Howell as he is in Fowlerville. He's rather disliked by many of the establishment there. Joe still defeated Paul Rogers in the City of Howell in the primary. That was an opening set for challengers to the city government. Streetscape and its tax increase were the big issues there.

With that, I think one strategy backfired severely. Right before the election, the old boys/girls club circled the wagons. They came out with a letter of four former mayors (including Paul Rogers) backing the incumbents on the council and their favored challenger (Devantier). I think that hurt them bad and reinforced the status quo, streetscapes, and the like. Schlittler led the council votes, but was viewed as a moderate as a recent appointee and was supported by folks on both sides. Heins was a challenger and ran strong. Manor was the long term incumbent who survived. Moen was caught offguard by a strong challenger. Campbell worked extremely hard on this campaign and won.

In Brighton, all the incumbents win, as expected.

The millages in Green Oak are passing easily, as I expect. 2-1 margin+ for both of them. I also think this is helping the MEA/BEA in the Brighton School Board races. Minert (unofficially endorsed) will win, and Trombley started to pull away when Green Oak started reporting. What was a near tie is now a 190 vote deficit with six precincts to go. That's a small lead, except that the Green Oak precincts in so far both had major leads for Trombley over Rassel. Fiani is in the pack and won't catch Trombley.

Paul Scott's recall can go either way. Currently he's up 171 votes with 86% in.
Yes to Recall - 10,851
No to MEA - 11,022

Five precincts to report. I hope it's not Mundy Township that has yet to report. That's the roughest part of Paul's district.

It's going to be a close one tonight.


Communications guru said...

Like a friend of mine said in MIRS, “There is a price to pay for turning your back on the middle class." I cannot wait until next November. Maybe your party should stop meddling in nonpartisan elections.

No, I wouldn’t say “Campbell worked extremely hard.” I would say the scumbag minions in a strip mall off of Grand River in Genoa Township worked extremely hard. I worked the polls yesterday, and I was told by voters that they received lots of calls on this extremist’s behalf.

Only in your warped world are respected and visible members of the community called the “old boys/girls club.”

The good people of Brighton Public Schools had the good sense to elected good people.

Flatus Maximus said...

I represent that remark...and we will be working extra hard in the year to come...

Communications guru said...

As will I and my Democrats, energized by these huge wins.