Friday, November 04, 2011

Election 2011 (Paul Scott, County races, MEA)

Many places have an election this upcoming Tuesday. Here's a list of the jurisdictions where there is an election.

In Livingston County we have several contested elections.
City of Brighton - Council
City of Howell - Council and Mayor
Brighton School Board
Green Oak Township millage.
I don't believe Pinckney Schools are contested. I haven't followed Byron, Morrice, Webberville, or Linden. Those school districts have elections, but they may or may not be contested.

Over in neighboring Genesee County, Paul Scott is up for a recall. The big reason he is being recalled is because the MEA doesn't like him. Instead of spending money on kids, the MEA put in over $150,000 towards defeating one person. Paul Scott. Paul Scott is chair of the education committee. If you are tired of the games the MEA plays, which include borderline and even illegal mailings, a message can be sent. Hopefully the 51st district will vote NO on the MEA recall. This recall is purely about the muscle and power of the MEA. This is the same MEA who is involved in intolerance, questionable mailings, and blatent lawbreaking. That is the MEA way. If Paul Scott survives the recall, it will be a major blow to the MEA leadership. Good luck to Paul Scott.

Speaking of the MEA, in Brighton, they have a sneaky mailing out endorsing Bill Trombley. Beth Minert has donated to MEA PAC in the past. The best choices for Brighton Schools are Nick Fiani and Greg Rassel. Fiani is a solid conservative and will be in the same mold as Miles Vieau. Rassel isn't with us 100%, but he is more good than bad and did not vote for the bad contracts. Fiani and Rassel are the best two running.

Brighton City Council. In the city, the incumbents are all running as a team with one challenger. Susan Walters Steinacker. Susan is the city watchdog closely scrutinizing all of the expenditures. The incumbents are Jim Bohn, Claudia Roblee, Jim Muzzin, and Chad Cooper. Muzzin and Cooper pushed to limit the call to the public. Bohn and Roblee opposed it. I took issue with Roblee back when she complained about the Bulldogs logo on some of the city decorations, but that's minor compared to limiting call to the public. That I did not support. Arrogance needs to be taught a lesson. The paper doesn't like Susan's brash style. Well, she's going to be brash at the council meetings anyway. If she's on the council, then there's no excuses. Overall though, I think the City of Brighton is a good shape considering the economy. There isn't a gigantic amount of mini-circles there and taxes raised for them.

That gets to the City of Howell. If I still lived there, I'd vote for Phil Campbell for Mayor. I'd vote for Victoria Hertich and Doug Heins for council. It's time to shake up the old boys and girls club there. Streetscape. Tax increases. Free speech zone proposals. Illegal ordinance restrictions on political bumper stickers and signs in car windows on election day. It's time for some changes. Campbell, Hertich, and Heins.

Lastly, Green Oak Township has a millage. Interestingly, the ballot committee did not turn in their campaign finance records on time. They are late and will be fined for each day until it is turned in. Their treasurer is Chuck Fellows, who was the state senate candidate against Joe Hune. You can't be late on those things.

Election day is Tuesday. Get informed. Get further informed. Once you are fully informed, vote. If you are not informed, don't vote.


Communications guru said...

Wow, talk about lies, but that is what I have come to expect from you. Really, “The big reason he is being recalled is because the MEA doesn't like him?” No, it’s because of the anti-public school crap he has been pushing as the chair of the education committee. You’re going with that “illegal mailing lie” against the MEA again I see.

Tell me, scumbag, what ever happened to that complaint against the MEA from last year going where you “have it typed up, and I'm sending it in tomorrow. This will be filed?” What is sad is that you even referenced your own lie. You are not only dishonest you’re stupid. Speaking of illegal, how’s your boy Connelly? Still in jail?

Well, you would be one of the few people to vote for Campbell. You must have missed the letter from the four past mayors and the endorsement of the paper today. I had no intention of voting for the three you named, and this just reinforces that. Free-speech zones? I noticed you left out the fact that Steve Manor opposed it, so it was dropped. Just one more reason I’m voting for Steve, and I guess based on that you would, too. I have no idea what you are talking about with this bumper sticker crap. You can’t campaign within 500 feet of the poles. I have never heard of this, and I’m an elections inspector in the city.


Boniface said...
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Communications guru said...

Just giving what I get, but thanks anyway. That is not as bad as accusing someone of committing a crime when he knows he is lying.