Friday, November 11, 2011

State House Redistricting - District 16 (HD-16)

State House - District 16
Current Rep – OPEN - (Richard LeBlanc termed out)

Declared Candidates:
GOP - Mary Stargell (R-Westland)
Dem - Robert Kosowski (D-Westland)

2010 Results - Old District (18th)
Richard LeBlanc - 14,792
Floyd Collins - 6,645

This district has changed a bit. It drops some Westland Precincts in the northeastern portion of the city and picks up the city of Wayne. Previously this district was the city of Westland. Westland and Wayne have long been democrat due to UAW, the airport, and an increasing black population from neighboring Inkster and elsewhere.

The district according to "Dave's Redistricting" is about 65% Obama and 18% Black. I expect the latter to increase over the next ten years. I expect this district to be about 63%+ as well for any labor democrat barring a surprise. Westland hasn't been real competitive since the 1980's.

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