Friday, November 11, 2011

State House Redistricting - District 22 (HD-22)

State House - District 22
Current Rep – Harold Haugh (D-Roseville)

Declared Candidates:
GOP - Art Blundell (R-Roseville)
Dem - Harold Haugh (D-Roseville)

2010 Results - Old District (42nd)
Harold Haugh - 14928
Jason Stuart - 7,497

Update 5-25-2012 - No primary here. The Warren reps are in another district.

Warren was carved up by redistricting. It used to be divided north and south. Now with the population shifts, one district is Roseville and part of Warren. That's the new 22nd, which is closest to the old 42nd. The others are the 28th, which is all Warren and Center Line. The other is 25th which now has much more of Sterling Heights than Warren.

The old district was a blue sink, and so is this one. It dropped Fraser (to 31st) and Eastpointe (to 18th) for Eastern Warren. The portion of Warren is largely democrat, although not to the same level as Eastpointe. Roseville is almost as democrat as Eastpointe however. Obama won the new district by almost 10,000 votes. Roseville and Warren have elected democrats consistently overall since at least 2000 in Warren's case (North Warren only) and for a much longer period in South Warren and Roseville.

This is a safe democrat district.

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