Wednesday, November 23, 2011

State House Redistricting - District 36 (HD-36)

State House - District 36
Current Reps - Pete Lund (R-Shelby Twp)

Declared Candidates:
Rep - Pete Lund (R-Shelby Twp),
Dem - Robert Murphy (D-Romeo),

Update 5-25-2012 - There's a primary and general on both sides. Murphy wants a rematch.

Update 8-30-2012 - There will be a rematch between Lund and Murphy.

2010 Results - Old District (36th)
Pete Lund -25,523
Robert Murphy - 11,027

This district doesn't change much. The old district covered Shelby Twp, Bruce Twp, and Washington Twp. The new district covers the same areas, but a slightly less portion of Shelby Twp due to population changes. Partisanship doesn't change much. This is probably the safest Republican district in Macomb County.

The new district is approximately 55% McCain.

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