Sunday, November 06, 2011

State House Redistricting - District 5 (HD-05)

State House - District 5
Current Rep –  Fred Durhal jr (D-Detroit)

Declared Candidates
GOP - Samuel Rodriguez (R-Detroit)
Dem - Fred Durhal Jr (D-Detroit)

Update 8-30-2012 - Fred Durhal Jr wins the primary.

Update 5-25-2012 - Durhal caught a break with no other incumbents running. Talib is in the 6th District.

2010 Results - Old District (6th) (12th)

Fred Durhal Jr - 14328
Robert Midgette - 519

Rashida Talib - 6997
Darrin Daigle - 611

This district takes parts of Central Detroit and some of the Mexican portions of Southwest Detroit. It's a 90%+ democrat district, so the primary is the real election.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Republican Candidate is a Rodriguez! I (Samuel) can steal the Hispanic vote.

StevenHWicker said...

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