Monday, January 09, 2012

State House Redistricting - District 55 (HD-55)

State House - District 55
Current Rep - Rick Olson (R-Pittsfield Twp or York Twp), not running again.

GOP - Owen Diaz (R-Milan)
Dem - Adam Zemke (D-Ann Arbor)

Update 5-26-2012 - Olson's not running again and is one of the biggest GOP redistricting casualties in 2012. If we're conceding districts, we damn well better win the three districts that sacrificing this was supposed to protect. If not, I'll be pissed. Diaz isn't a bad candidate. I think he is or was Milan's mayor. Zemke is the dem's establishment choice.

Update 8-30-2012 - Zemke wins the primary.

2010 Results - Old District (55th)
Rick Olson - 17,295
Mike Smith - 15,381

Rick Olson got absolutely screwed like the Detroit Lions with redistricting. Badly. The committee decided to sacrifice one seat to try and save Ouimet, a Monroe based seat, and possibly Somerville in Downriver. Hopefully they save them, but I don't like conceding a district for "might saves."

The old district was a swing district with slightly Republican leaning Western Monroe County (Dem areas are in the other Monroe district), along with swing area Milan, democrat Pittsfield Twp, and republican Saline Twp, and York Twp. Olson won big in Monroe County. The new district cuts Western Monroe County, adds democrat leaning Augusta Twp, and the parts of Ann Arbor (city/twp) not in the 53rd district.

What I'm wondering is what Olson has planned. This new district is safe democrat. 69% for Obama according to Dave's Redistricting. Olson claims "Saline" as his home. Saline mailing addresses are found in Pittsfield Twp as well as Saline itself. Will Olson run in Ouimet's seat conceding this district? Or another seat?

He's got a tough decision ahead of him.

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Conservative First said...

According to MIRS and Gongwer, Olsen is considering running as a democrat. I can't see him winning a primary, though.