Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't forget the special elections! Joe Graves and Bob Gray are running for state house

While all the hype for the February 28th Special election is for the presidential primary, there are some other elections going on that day. Two of the most important are in the state house where there's two vacancies. These are the OLD districts, not the redistricted areas which do not take affect electionwise until August.

Bob Gray is running in the old 29th District, covering Pontiac and Auburn Hills. This is a longshot, but if there is any chance at all of winning, it is due to the republican presidential primary being on the same day. If most of Pontiac stays home, we have a shot. This election is to replace Tim Melton who resigned to take a job at an educational organization.

The other election is highly contested between Joe Graves and MEA Union official Steve Losey in the old 51st district. This is to replace the recalled Paul Scott who was scalped by the MEA last year. All their work could be for nothing if Joe Graves wins the replacement election. This is in Southern Genesee County.

If you're a Republican in Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Argentine Twp, Mundy Twp, Fenton, Linden, Grand Blanc, or Atlas Twp, this election is extra important with the state rep races. Joe Graves and Bob Gray are on Tuesday's ballot.

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